November 28 2015

Why Free Traffic Can Kill Your Business

One of the biggest mistakes I see small business owners make is that they chase free traffic. And I know this sounds completely counter intuitive … I mean, whats wrong with free right? BTW I’ve found that most success secrets are counter intuitive… that’s why so few people ever make it to the top. Because they are not willing to ... Read More »

Irresistible Emails Home

Welcome to the irresistible Emails training program.   You can access your bonuses below. Make sure you add our email  to your list of safe senders so you get our updates about Important: Updates On your pre-training webinars and the live training will be posted on this page and also sent to your email address. Please download and read your bonus here  The 100 ... Read More »

Pats Success Tip Of The day #1

Most… if not all of peoples problems comes from CHOOSING to be distracted from what is the ONLY certain road to success, which is mastering a skill to the degree that the world cannot ignore you. They try something for a while… then they get bored when success doesn’t come quickly. Then they find something else and repeat the pattern. ... Read More »

The 3 things you MUST have to be a successful entrepreneur.


I recently asked a question to our community of entrepreneurs about what held them back from going to the next level. I was shocked about the amount of people answered some variations of: Need more government support… or less government intervention. I have 3 words to say about that: SCREW THE GOVERNMENT. Real entrepreneurs don’t need government support. They will ... Read More »

Email Copywriting Critique


This is my very first Copywriting Crackdown. I’m critiquing the copy of email that has all the errors you can squeeze into one email. Normally I wouldn’t be this tough but this is a big company that should know better. Read More »

How To Follow Up After Networking Events


Honestly networking is a waste of time and effort for most people simply because they don’t do 1 thing… follow up . Or they follow up in a way that is counter productive and leads to loss of trust. Based on the people that follow up with me after an networking events I would say that about 95% never follow ... Read More »