April 19 2014

Pats Success Tip Of The day #1

Most… if not all of peoples problems comes from CHOOSING to be distracted from what is the ONLY certain road to success, which is mastering a skill to the degree that the world cannot ignore you. They try something for a while… then they get bored when success doesn’t come quickly. Then they find something… Read More »

The 3 things you MUST have to be a successful entrepreneur.


I recently asked a question to our community of entrepreneurs about what held them back from going to the next level. I was shocked about the amount of people answered some variations of: Need more government support… or less government intervention. I have 3 words to say about that: SCREW THE GOVERNMENT. Real entrepreneurs don’t… Read More »

Email Copywriting Critique


This is my very first Copywriting Crackdown. I’m critiquing the copy of email that has all the errors you can squeeze into one email. Normally I wouldn’t be this tough but this is a big company that should know better.

How To Follow Up After Networking Events


Honestly networking is a waste of time and effort for most people simply because they don’t do 1 thing… follow up . Or they follow up in a way that is counter productive and leads to loss of trust. Based on the people that follow up with me after an networking events I would say… Read More »

3 Business Networking Pitfalls You Must Avoid


Let’s be honest… for most people business networking is not bringing in any business. I might be fun but from a business standpoint it’s pretty much a waste of time. But just a few ideas and changes can actually get you massive results from it. For example here are 3 mistakes people make even before… Read More »

How to increase your productivity 50% or more overnight.


I recently had one of those big problems you think is going to end the world but actually ended up being a blessing in disguise. I was moving and in the process my internet service provider told me I was going to be without internet for seven days. WHAT!!!! 7 DAYS WITHOUT INTERNET. As someone… Read More »