An Urgent Alert from the Founder of Entrepreneurs In London


Even More Businesses are Going to Struggle and Go Belly Up
Simply Because Their Owners Didn't Open Their Eyes and Mind
To The Facts and Strategies YOU Are About To Discover

Also in this Urgent bulletin...

  • Why some companies are booming in tough times
  • The Dangerous Lie That Destroys Your Profits
  • The #1 mistake small companies make
  • The Missing Marketing Pieces That Will Finally Put You Ahead of your competitors
  • Why some marketing gurus are hiding the truth from you.

    ... and much more

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur.

If you are looking for a way to end marketing confusion and attract more customers with less effort, risk and money... then I need you to focus on this for the next couple of minutes because this will probably be the most important message coming across your computer screen this year.

Maybe it's a sad fact, but fact never the less, that's it's no longer the person with the best mouse trap that will get the orders - it's the person that are best at MARKETING the mouse trap.

AS you are probably already aware... most companies doesn't survive their first 5 years. Most of the the rest of them are struggling to stay alive working too long hours, too many days in a week and not enough vacation.I've been there myself.... after starting my first business at 21 I went bankrupt within a year. After that horrible experience I made it my mission in life to find the marketing secrets that would put me way ahead of the competition and build my dream business.

My name is Patrick Powers and from that moment 24 years ago I've been practicing and studying marketing with some of the most brilliant minds in business. My passion finally lead me to the REAL secrets of marketing and since then I've executed many successful marketing campaigns and I have trained tens of thousands of people all over Europe and North America.

From my experience I know that most business owners are confused about marketing and overwhelmed about all the many different things they see and hear is possible. But very few have a simple solid system that consistently get excellent results.

I've now taken the strategies, tactics and insights that small business owners so desperately need to win (but are lacking) distilled the essence of them and squeezed the most powerful marketing know-how known to man into one intensive full day training. I call it...

Marketing Transformation Day

Essential Strategies That Will Transform You Into a Well Oiled
Marketing Machine Even If You Are Completely Clueless
About Marketing and Couldn't Promote Anything to Save Your Life

If You Ever Wanted to Understand
Marketing At a DEEP level THIS Is It!

These are just some of the priceless strategies from Marketing Transformation day that will leave your competitors in the dust.

Module 1: The Inevitable Success Formula

Forget everything you know about success mindset. This formula isthe real deal. No mumbo jumbo stuff that sounds good, but doesn't work in the real world.

This doesn't have anything directly to do with marketing ... but I decided that you had to know it because I see so many startups and small business owners fail simply because they are missing this.

Without this crucial corner stone of success, it doesn't matter what business you are in... the battle is already lost before it started - YOU WILL LOSE to someone who use this powerful self-management formula.

Module 2: The Forgotten Foundation for Mega Marketing Success

Almost no-one is using these powerful "hidden" strategies. In factthey are so rarely used they should be classified as "Secrets".If you haven't been able to make your marketing work... you will find the answer here.

Here are a few of the things you will discover:

  • The 4 crucial elements needed to make ANY marketing piece work. Almost nobody uses all these 4 crucial building blocks and you will put yourself way ahead of the pack by doing this.
  • The vital marketing insight you can get from dating
  • Why most marketing campaigns bomb (and how to make sure your campaigns rock)
  • The Two Most Important Parts of a successful marketing Campaign.
    Everything from your pitch to your press releases, brochures, websites and your salesletters need to have these two elements. Without them you are never going to take your business to the level you want and deserve.
  • The 1 thing you need to do when interacting with a prospect that will boost your closing rate.
  • The reason you are not getting the attention of your prospects and exactly how to fix that

This module alone will be worth many many MANY times your investment in the seminar. Really... without these strategies there is no chance of ever creating a successful marketing machine.

Module 3: Zero and Low Cost Marketing (Perfect for Startups)

  • The Broke Empire builder strategy. This is simply an ingenious and creative solution that made one of my friends a superstar in his niche with his own television show and products in the main super markets. And the amazing thing is you canstart this strategy for peanuts
  • 10 Cheap and Even FREE Traffic Methods.
  • Sites that are just waiting to promote you for FREE to a very targeted audience. You have to approach them the rightway to make this work and Im going to how you exactly how to do that

And a whole heap of other heavenly marketing treats.

Module 4: Easy Response & Conversion Boosters

Even the smallest change in your marketing can yield enormous results. With these Jedi-like tactics you can boost your response hundreds of percent or even thousands.

Here are just a few things you will discover:

  • The most ridiculous little thing you need to do with EVERY headline to make them pull the most responses.
  • How to know which headline works the best.
  • Tried and true words that grab attention and get your prospects salivating with desire
  • The one word that might be the most important sales booster - and it's not free or new
  • Small colour changes that makes a big difference.

Increasing your conversion is the final frontier in marketing - if you don't understand these principles you could have a ton of traffic to your sites(or your door) and still not make any money. If your conversion is high even small amounts of traffic/calls/visits could make your a pile of profits.

What's The Next Big Thing

Knowing where the markets are going next could mean the difference between being wildly successful and just scraping by. This is what you need to know about what's going to happen the next year....and the year after so you be ahead of the pack.

It's Time To End Marketing Overwhelm...

Lots of people feel overwhelmed about how to market their business. It's very understandable because they see so many marketing tactics all over the internet that they don't know where to start. So they try a little bit here, a little bit there, without having an overall system and formula... and without having the REAL secrets that I'm going to show you.

Sorry to be really blunt... BUT there are certain elements that are completely vital to create a marketing success and If you had them you wouldn't be reading this... You would be out kicking butt and taking names.

I'm offering you to get these crucial cornerstones so you can get the business you deserve. This is your chance to end marketing overwhelm and become crystal clear about EXACTLY what to do next to attract more prospects and get more clients.

Marketing is really is not that hard - but without the right strategies I'm about show you it's down right impossible. I urge you.... get your seat now at the greatly reduced early bird price. Remember you will never see this offer from me again.

"But what if this doesn't work for me Pat?"

Sure... I understand your hesitation knowing how much crap training is out there.... especially in themarketing and internet marketing field. But this is completely different. I'm so confident Marketing Transformation Day will give your business a boost that Im giving you a guarantee you will not find anywhere else.

Just see for yourself...

So you see... there is absolutely no risk for you, so please... join me today

2 Reasons I'm Dumping the Price Especially for You

1) Since you are a member of Entrepreneurs in London you are seeing this offer before anyone else.I'm eternally grateful for helping me reach a leading position on the London business events sceneand I want to give back to you. You might think that's just sales BS, but I can assure you I'm serious asa heart attack when I say this. It's not that long ago that I had sleepless nights worrying about whetherI would have a roof over my head a few weeks down the road. So Really... I'm Very grateful.

2) Also because I'm using this event to create a recording for my home study course, I'm going to give it to you today at so much less... at the regular price of £287 it should really be a no brainer, but if I hear from you today you can get your super discounted seat for MUCH MUCH less.

I urge you ... if you want to win in business you MUST know and use these strategies - please join me today and start putting your marketing worries behind you.

Think of all the money you will save by knowing the right strategies. Think of how it would feel to end marketing confusion and frustration forever and most importantly... how it would feel to see your bank account swell and more clients and customers being helped by your great products and services.

I'm sure you already agree the only way to win today and in the future is to be better at marketing than your competitors. The only real decision that remains for you is Where and When do you learn itSo why don't you try this at my risk today - you are not going to find a better training and if you are not completely happy and make real profits from my unique strategies simply let me know within 180 days and I will gladly refund your whole investment... there really is no way to lose with this.

Now I've done my part to get you to see why this is the best investment in training you will make this year.

Thanks for listening ... Over to you

PS: if you have any questions about this program what so ever give me a call at 0758 265 4649​