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If you’ve been reading books, listening to audios and attending seminars with no effect or if you are simply tired of not living your dreams this letter is for you….

In it you will discover how an introverted broke taxi driver, that was deemed hopeless by his family, found a very unusual but literally foolproof secret to achieve your dreams.


Dear Friend…….

what if I told you that I could actually show you a
100% Guaranteed
 method to tap into areas of your brain and mind that will literally create breakthroughs in your life and career overnight.

Imagine being able to spend as much time with your family and friends as you want. Or, finally being able taking that vacation you’ve been putting off for years. Perhaps your dream is to retire early or simply work less every week. Or how about finding the love of your life.

Whatever your personal or professional goals – you don’t need to put them “on hold” any longer. If you’ve been struggling to achieve your dreams then I have some very exciting information that will change your life.



My name is Patrick M. Powers. I have no special business background or professional education. The only “real” education I have is in landscape gardening. My “business experience” dates back to working as an overnight taxi driver in Copenhagen Denmark. During that time I was an extremely introverted person – actually scared of talking to anyone and always broke and behind bill payments.

During my 15 years in business my luck didn’t change much. It seems I’d always be losing out to “the other guy.” No matter what the sales or business opportunity I was ALWAYS the one on the short end of the deal. In one failed business venture after another I struggled to find some measurable level of success.

I continued to spend all my money (and some of the bank’s) on books, tapes and seminars. Nothing seemed to work. Over and over again all I had to show for my efforts was failure. I declared bankruptcy, home foreclosure, car repossession and continued to struggle with dozens of home-based and networking businesses. 

Unfortunately my business ventures were not my only problems. My personal relationships with friends and family also seemed to be “missing” something. I always felt depressed and unhappy. And to be honest I really didn’t have many real friends I could turn to – or who would want to turn to me.

Now, thankfully all of those struggles seem like a distant memory.

As I write this letter I find myself more financially stable then I ever could have dreamed or imagined. I travel around the world, visiting fabulous and truly exotic places and I’m able to spend as much time with my friends and family as I want.
My personal and professional relationships are stable and strong. And, I have enough financial resources put away to take care of myself, my family and to share some with everyone who is important in my life.

I now live a completely debt free lifestyle. One that affords me plenty of time to relax, travel and enjoy all of my leisure time. And, I’ve accomplished this lifestyle by successfully overcoming the same problems and fears you’re likely struggling with today.

Best of all, I’m now completely secure in the fact that no matter what happens, I’ll NEVER be in the same desperate situation like I was just several short years ago.

If you’re looking for a proven method to not only succeed professionally but also improve every single aspect of your life then I can honestly say without hesitation that
I have the roadmap you need.

Allow me to explain….
After being in semi-retirement for over 4 years, I’ve finally decided to reveal the entire success system I’ve used to go from the shy, introverted and broke individual I was to becoming the financially free, and confident success story I am today.

Best of all – this success system;
Is NOT about Making Affirmations, Visualizing or Meditating.
Is NOT NLP, Positive thinking, or self hypnosis.
Is NOT filled with any weird rituals or routines.

The fact is, this personal growth and success system is so brilliantly simple that when you just follow the steps you’ll begin to transform your life – literally overnight.

Reason One: I’ve Personally Used (And Continue to Use) Every Single Technique I Teach:
Unlike other personal development coaches, I have a proven track record of successfully helping people build their business and improving their lives. There’s absolutely no guesswork in my approach because the techniques I use have been proven to work – over and over!
Important Reminder: Don’t forget. Many Personal and Professional Consultants are really nothing more then Marketing and Speaking Gurus. There’s a HUGE difference between talking about it, teaching it – and actually doing it!
Before you pursue any personal or professional training program or course, ask yourself —
“Can the Person Teaching Me the Ropes Actually Show Me Proven Business and Personal Successes They’ve Achieved For Themselves?”
If they can’t, then you need to seriously question their authority and expertise.

I personally use these very same techniques in my business and personal life every single day (so providing you with examples of my success is easy). 

The bottom line is this. My personal and professional growth system really works and produces tangible results.

If you simply apply what I teach and show you, then you too will experience amazing results.

Reason Two: I’ve created and perfected an effective new approach to teaching personal and professional growth that no Personal Coach has been able to effectively duplicate on their own.

This is really what sets my Personal Growth program apart from anything else you’re likely to ever find, anywhere. 

Reason Three: I Understand How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake Most People make in both their personal and professional life.

You’ve probably heard the expression, “you need to work smarter, not harder” a million times without realizing how powerful this axiom really is.

Any successful person will tell you that the real secret to building a new successful life is to do EXACTLY what the experts do.

Whenever possible – it’s always best to use the wisdom and professional guidance of someone that has experienced and overcome all of the problems you’re experiencing now.

Unfortunately, I’ve found that this is the single biggest mistake most people make when looking to change their life. They simply fail to “connect the dots” and realize that their potential in building the life of their dreams lies in the expertise of others who have done it (and who continue doing it!)

By following the footsteps of experts who have actually been there and done it you’ll not only save money, time and frustration; but you’ll save precious years off the learning curve. And that’s exactly how and why I can help you.

Best of all – I can show anyone how
to do the very same things I did…

My methods really aren’t rocket science.
They don’t require any special education or any special educational background. Plus, I can show ANYONE how to achieve success in far less time than it took me – no matter where you are in your personal life or professional career.
You might be asking yourself:
“So why aren’t any other gurus or experts sharing any of these concepts?”
I’ve asked myself the same question and the answer seems to be two reasons:
1) Most experts simply don’t know about this system.
2) If they do know it, they reserve it for personal clients that pay thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars to get this kind of power.

“The Breakthrough Zone”

Today I successfully empower people to go after their dreams and teach them the skills they need in order to make their life the success they’ve always dreamed about. Over the past few years, I’ve carefully worked on this approach in order to make it even more powerful and easy to learn.
I’ve tweaked, tested, and consulted with some of the very best personal and professional development coaches in order to make my “Breakthrough Zone” approach even more powerful. And now I’ve managed to boil all of the very best information down to one unbelievable day.
On 14th of February 2009 in London you’ll be able to join me in a rare opportunity where I’ll be presenting these proven methods in an all-day seminar designed to dramatically improve your lifestyle and standard of living.


When You Attend “The Breakthrough Zone” , You’ll Discover Firsthand…

 How to capture those million-dollar ideas that are hiding deep-down inside your brain and put them to good use right away. This technique is not shared by most personal empowerment gurus and is the foundation to the successful “Breakthrough Zone” approach.
How to get “In The Zone” – and stay there! Experience how to tap into your own personal power and learn how to accomplish more of your goals in record time – with relative ease.

How to build successful businesses… without even trying. If you’ve been struggling to find the “secret ingredient” your professional life has been missing I’ll show you how to make certain your business plan remains on track.

How to “spin” problems and challenges so they are always in your favor. This technique alone will save you wasted time and energy. The fact is that life is full of problems and surprises – almost on a daily basis. The key is how you deal with challenges so that you can overcome them while still keeping your life on track. I’ll show you exactly how anyone can do it!
Proven goal setting techniques. We’ve all read those popular self-help books filled with meditations and affirmations designed to help you achieve success. But I absolutely guarantee there are some here you’ve never heard before.
How to quickly attract whatever it is you want in your life. The laws of attraction date back to the turn of the century and the fact is – they still work! Learn how to attract loving relationships, wealth and happiness more easily then you ever thought possible.
How to put your brain on “auto-pilot” so the ideas that will make you rich will never stop flowing. You’ll learn exactly how to easily “program” your brain to achieve what you want…and keep it that way!
The most powerful word… in the world…. Learning to apply this will pay for the tuition many times over.

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Perhaps you’ve attended a few Personal and Professional Seminars or maybe joined different professional associations or tele-seminars in order to help your change your life for the better. But for the most part, you continue to shoulder the burden all on your own.
But, let’s be honest. While doing all the work yourself is noble – we both know it isn’t the quickest way to improving your life and standard of living.
There’s just no guarantee you’ll stumble upon the “secret” to making it all fit together. That’s why if you join me in London, on 14th of February 2009 I’ll be able to show you the missing ingredients to making personal and professional breakthroughs at will.

“So What’s It All Worth to You to Get Your Hands on This Exclusive ‘Insider’ Information, Right Away?”

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I want you to be 100% satisfied and comfortable with attendance to my Seminar.
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That’s how confident I am that these ideas and strategies will put significant dollars into your bank account and help you improve your life.
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Can’t wait to see you on 14th of February 2009 and witness the transformation you will go through.

Patrick M. Powers
P.S. REMEMBER: ANYONE can master the art of successfully unlocking their Breakthrough Zone. It’s simply a matter of understanding (and reusing) the successful formulas that have withstood the test of time. Let me show you how by joining me on 14th of February 2009!
P.P.S. There’s no “downside” with this offer. If after attending the Breakthrough Zone Seminar you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, you may request a full refund of your admission price. Absolutely No Questions Asked.