My 50 top tips I used to build my business network  

50 Fast and Furious Networking Tips

The Secrets I used To Build The World’s 2nd Biggest Business Meetup

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Business Networking Tip #1

Ask Deeper Transformational Questions:

Questions truly is one of the biggest secrets to success with people… which is the foundation for success in any field.

But most people ask very shallow and common questions. Remember you have to be different to stand out and be noticed and you can accomplish that simply by the questions you ask.

If you ask the same questions everyone else is, why would people remember you? People typically ask questions like: How is it going? How has your week been? How was your week-end. How is business?

I call these transactional questions. These are questions you don’t have to think much about to answer.

If you ask: How has your week been? People would typically answer “Great thanks”

So where do you go from there? The answer doesn’t give you a talking point. But what if you instead asked: What was the best part of your week?

They would have to think deeper about that.. AND their answer would reveal something about them and what’s important to them. This will give you crucial information about them but it also is a great potential for a talking point.

For example suppose they said: “I went fishing the other night and caught a monster bass.” If you love fishing too then you would be right into sharing fishing stories with each other. If you don’t like fishing ask a question about it… for example  say: ”Oh I’ve never fished… what is so appealing about it”?

And they would be right into talking about one of their passions. The more they talk about them and what’s important to them the more they will like and trust you.

So ask transformational questions, which are questions they cannot answer on autopilot.

Business Networking Tip #2

One of the most powerful things you can do in networking is connecting people to each other. Pro networkers do this constantly. Both at networking events, but also outside of events.

Everyone is looking for great connections all the time so when you connect people that can be of value to each other you are proving yourself to be of value. Every time you do it you create goodwill from two people.

If you do this often you will gain a reputation as a connector which is one of the most powerful things people can think about you. Connectors are in high regard in the business world.

So whenever I’m talking with someone im looking for 3 things that could be a great point of connecting.

1: Unusual similarities to people that I know. For example I was once talking to someone that was a tech guy and a producer of heavy rock I immediately thought of my friend Niro who was a tech guy that plays in a kick ass rock band called killit. If you like heavy rock check them out on youtube or spotify… they are really cool.

I thought they would love to know each other since they had this unusual set of skills and interests.

The second thing I’m looking for is what they need help with. If I’m not able to help them myself I think about people in my network that possibly could.

3rd potential business deals and joint ventures that could come from someone connecting. For example the other day I was talking to an architect who specialized in Dentists offices and I thought of one of my clients who does property investment training for Dentists. There could definitely be a great possibility of referring potential clients to each other so I connected them.

But be aware you don’t make the classic error when introducing which is to just randomly connecting people for the sake of just connecting them. If it’s not relevant for both of them you will LOSE goodwill in the process.

When you introduce people to each other make sure you tell them why you connected them, and how they could possibly be of value to each other.

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Business Networking Tip #3

Target The Leaders.
If you don’t approach networking the right way it can be a big time waster. To optimize your time use you should be targeting the specific people that could be the most beneficial to you

Most people go DIRECTLY after prospects at networking events but the best networkers often don’t go to networking events to find prospects… they go to find partners. What I mean by that is people that is not necessarily great prospects but someone that can refer lots of prospects and open up doors to powerful connections and deals.

I would encourage you to think this way and allocate at least some of the time at networking events to find and connect with the top leaders in a group.

Not only could they lead you to many profitable deals but there is a hidden benefit of connecting with the most influential people. You see the more powerful people you know the more perceived power you will have. When people see you hang out with influential people both in the real world and on social media they will think you are “someone”.

How do you find the leaders? ASK people… ask the organizers.. “Who are the most influential people in this group? When they well you say “Great do you mind introducing me… would be amazing to get to know them.

I know someone who built a quite big business almost entirely with this one tactic
He would simply ask everyone he knew (not just at networking events)

Who is the most influential person you know? When they told him he said… Do you mind giving me their contact information and your permission to contact them?

This was before social media and today I would simply ask for an introduction on facebook or linkedin. If you consistently do this you would get connected to more and more influential people.

Business Networking Tip #4

Ask what they do first, before they ask you. 

You need to get people to talk about themselves before you do. If they ask you first they are typically not even listening to you because they are doing something else in their head… they are rehearsing their pitch and worrying about whether it’s going to work or not.

So you need to ask them first so when it comes time to listen to you they have gotten their pitch out of the way and they feel relieved and more present.

The other important reason you need to let them talk first is that you will find out important details about them and their situation that you can use to connect with them and tailor your pitch.

Business Networking Tip #5

Practice your pitch until you can recite it in your dreams.


Less than 1 our of ten people I speak to at a networking event sounds like they have thought about their pitch let alone practiced it. But this is a HUGE mistake.

What happens at the moment you are going to say your pitch is that you are going ot be slightly nervous (or maybe VERY nervous). When that happens your old programming takes over and anything you have learned recently becomes almost impossible to remember unless you have REALLY ingrained it deeply in your brain.

If you have really practiced your pitch well two powerful things happen. 1. You will sound REALLY confident when you say it…. If you don’t sound confident, people are not going to believe that YOU believe in your product or service.

you could have the best product in the world but nobody is going to buy it from you unless you sound confident and passionate about it

The other things that happens when you have practiced your pitch really well is you don’t have to think about it. That means you can actually be present with the other person. You will be able to pick up subtle cues in the facial expressions and body language that will give you a big edge over the competition.

It’s is so easy to practice your pitch that it doesn’t make any sense to not do it, yet I’ve found that less than 10% do it.

Simply practice you pitch 30-40-50 times in a couple of days and you will have it well ingrained in your brain so you can SOUND like you are confident and passionate.

This could EASILY double triple the amount of leads and sales you will get and I just don’t get that so few are doing it. You are literally 2 days away from doubling your effectiveness at generating powerful connections. So… as soon as you finish this book start practicing ok?

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Business Networking Tip #6

Come back to the SAME networking group often. 

One of the biggest mistakes people make is what I call networking group hopping. They go to one networking group and they didn’t get anything out of it. Then they go to another group thinking the people there will be better. The didn’t get anything out of it they jump to a 3rd group; and so on.
Of course the reason they didn’t get anything out of it didn’t have anything to do with the people but everything to do with themselves and their misperception about what networking really is about

Networking is all about creating trust. And you rarely create trust after meeting people once. It takes multiple times. As a rule of thumb people will recognize you the second time they meet you and they will start to trust you the 3rd time they meet you.
Because of this you must come back to the same group often and consistently. After the 3rd of 4th time the organizer will really start to know and trust you and because of that introduce you to more and more valuable connections.
Networking is only won by the people who play the long game.. but the benefits of networking done the right is incredible.

Business Networking Tip #7

Find similarities. 
We tend to like people that are like us. Because of this, one of the quickest ways to create trust and likeability is to find things that you share in common.

It can be anything really… hobbies, places they lived or live now, jobs, skills etc etc. I just ask people a ton of questions and when I find something we have in common I briefly state it so they know we have this in common.

It’s really fascinating how much time people put into talking about themselves and their business and how little effort they put into getting to know people and create trust. People wont really care about anything about your business until they like and trust you. So initially forget about telling too much about your business.

Find what you share in common and talk about that. This will create trust so when it comes time to talk about your business they pay way more attention..

Business Networking Tip #8

Ask to be introduced. 

This is a really powerful way to expand your network quickly and maximize the effectiveness of a networking event.

When you are being introduced to someone its easier to get a conversation started because you can start talking about how they know person the other person. When you are being introduced there is also an assumption that there is some trust from the person that introduced you.

Simply ask people: Do you know anyone here at the event I should know?
As a side benefit it’s also a great way to exit a conversation that you think has gone long enough.

Business Networking Tip #9

Find ways to help people

Super helpful people are very hard to say no to. So being a helpful person can be one of the most profitable strategies you will ever use. Most people try to simply pitch, pitch, pitch… I think about how can I help, help, help.

I met a guy recently called Christopher through a facebook group I was asking a question about some webdesign related stuff. He PM’ed me with an answer and since then he has been INSANELY helpful in teaching me about how to use a wordpress webpage builder called elementor and advising me on general stuff on the tech side of online marketing.

He has given me advice and help that would have run me in the hundreds of pounds… if not more. I now trust him completely… anything he would want me to take a look at or buy I would consider very seriously. I’ve already introduced him to people in the UK that could potentially lead to very profitable deals for him.

On top of that we are working on another project of his to introduce it to my network that will make us both some great money and give them incredible value. And it all started with him being really helpful.

So look for things you can do for them even when it’s not directly related to your core business. When you are building relationships like that it will not only turn into a lot of business, but you are also creating friendships in the process.

Business Networking Tip #10

How to be an incredible conversationalist. 

Being a great conversationalist is KEY to being a great networker. Here are the 4 major keys to being an incredible conversationalist.

  1. Be fascinated.

When you are fascinated with people they will sense your fascination with them and people love to feel that they are interesting. Also I learn amazing stuff about them that I wouldn’t  otherwise. 

  1. Let them talk more than you.

Being a great listener is one of the most powerful thing you will ever do. Listening has won way more hearts and minds than talking. You have 2 ears and one mouth for a reason.

  1. Ask deep questions that make them think.

Ask bold questions that make them think and reveal important stuff about them.

They will LOVE you for this and you gain important intel in the process

  1. Praise them.

Make them feel important, special and valued. They rarely have anyone make them feel that way even by their spouse and family so when you cover this important need they get hooked on you. So focus on finding stuff about them you admire or find cool and interesting.