3 incredibly quick ways you can improve your copy and conversion (in other words making more sales).

Discover the secrets to standing out in a crowded market

It can be a beast… Learning to write great copy that connects with your audience and converts into sales can take a long time and sometimes be overwhelming.

For example, it took me going through my mentors course of 1,500 A4 pages, THREE times before finally everything clicked into place and my copy began to consistently convert.

Now… I don’t generally believe in quick fixes, simply because they usually don’t work without a broader knowledge that fits into a system. But there are a few ways that actually works quickly and effectively to improve your copy. I call them “The blisteringly fast conversion boosters”.

Here are 3 of them:

Blisteringly fast conversion booster #1

Using adjectives (a-list copywriters top secret)

This is one most powerful quick shortcuts you can implement in your copy.

An adjective is a word that changes the quality of a noun. For example “old” and “BLUE”  are adjectives. Saying “an old blue house” instead of just saying “a house” gives you a much clearer vivid picture in your mind. Because of this, it more interesting and sticks easier in your brain.

Notice that in the title of this article that I didn’t just write “7 ways you can improve….

I wrote “7 incredibly quick ways you can improve….

Here are a couple more variations to show you what I mean:

7 Tried and tested ways you can improve….

7 unusual ways you can improve….

7 counter-intuitive ways you can improve….

You see? Much better huh?

Adjectives are like ice-cream for the brain … your brain LOVES them. Maybe I should even call it ice-cream with super-glue because they make information stick in your brain much more effectively.

And… that actually brings me on to the next point.

Blisteringly fast conversion booster #2

Using word pictures –The super-power of top copywriters

What in the world is a word picture? Well ill give you an example which I in fact just used in my previous point: LIKE ICECREAM FOR THE BRAIN.

I could have said: “Our brain loves adjectives” but that would be as boring as listening to the sound of paint dry. But by comparing it to ice-cream… something most people really like, it triggers a picture in your mind and therefore more likely to trigger an emotion AND it also makes it SOO much more memorable… and entertaining.

Even if you are not that bothered about ice cream or don’t even like it you would be able to relate to it.


We process information primarily visually so the more pictures and movies you can stimulate in your prospects brains the more engaged they will be with your content.

Blisteringly fast conversion booster #3

Putting more of your personality into your copy.

It seems that one of the biggest challenges in business is separating yourself from the competition. Even if you come up with some new innovation it usually don’t take long for the competition to catch up.

But NOBODY can copy your personality. So let people see you who you really are. The more you let your uniqueness shine through in your copy the deeper people will connect with you.

In my experience this is something people are hesitant to do but I can also tell you its one of the most effective ways to increase your conversion. Will everyone like it? NOPE… but you are not aiming for everyone.

You don’t want to be vanilla (Although right now vanilla has become so valuable that there is a vanilla mafia in Madagascar.. no kidding … but im getting of course here so lets get back on track)..

You want to connect DEEPER with fewer people .. that’s how you create a loyal following AND get people to buy.

I’ll give you a couple of quick examples… I like to use use a bit of humor, so in my email send-offs I don’t say something like most people which is.. have a good day… or regards:

I say:

“Have a  brilliant day and may the high conversion be with you”

This is so much better than “have a nice day” because

1. It’s unique so it stands out.
2. It’s something that shows I don’t take myself too seriously. (and I like working with people that are the same)
3: Star wars fans LOVE it.
4: It also reiterates what I’m about … increasing conversion.

And btw: Write like you talk… it will make your words come alive. Traditional written words are as boring as a 1 year covid lockdown.

For example, earlier in this article I wrote a couple of examples of how to use adjectives and I ended with:

“You see? Much better huh?”

This is an example of using my personally and writing like we are talking and having an actual dialog.

And btw I know some people reading this will say: “But I cant use jokes and write like you do to MY audience Pat”. Of course… and that’s not what I’m saying you should be doing. What I am saying is that you should be writing in s style that shows your personality AND that your market will appreciate.

If your product is something really serious like a cure for cancer you probably don’t want to joke. But anyone, no matter what their market is can put more of their personality into their words and that will make your audience connect deeper with you.

Ok so that’s it for today my conversion-boosting friend. 🙂 

Hope that was helpful and if you want to speed up your progress and increase your conversion… my course copywriting crash course will cover over 100 ways to write better copy and increase your conversion. I’ve been working on this for over a year and It’s almost ready. Opt in to my newsletter to be the first to get your hands on it.. .and with a uge fat discount.  

In the mean-time: If you want me to have a look at your marketing to see how you can generate more leads and sales book a free session with me here

Until Next time.. have an amazing day and may the high conversion be with you 🙂 



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