50 Fast and Furious Networking Tips

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Desperately Shy Guy Turns Top Networking Pro

YEP… that headline above is actually about me. I still can’t believe I used to be so shy and bad at networking. But it was because I was so hopeless that I made a commitment to crack the code to becoming super connected. 

Fast forward, I’ve now built the biggest business meetup group in Europe… it’s the 2nd biggest in the world – at the moment of writing we are almost 28,000 members and growing even in these covid times.

People constantly comment that I’m a natural networker… but I can assure you.. there is nothing natural about it! I used to be as hopeless at networking as Steven Seagal is at acting.

It was all because of unique insights into what makes people tick and what creates trust that turned things around for me.


How Is This Different Than Other Networking Tactics?

For years and years I tried to follow traditional knowledge and learning from the classics on the subject, but with very slim results. It was only once I started to study how the brain works when it comes to creating trust that I began seeing something significant results. 

So what I teach is about how to bypass or melt resistance. You see, we all have normal defenses, resistance and sceptisism towards connecting with people. But once you understand how, you can create a super deep bonding in minutes that would normally take hours or even months of interaction.  I call my method: 


The amazing thing is that when people trust you they WANT to hear more about your business. 
… when people trust you they WANT to buy from you. When people trust you, they WANT to refer people to you.

Everyone has needs and buy stuff to cover those needs… it’s simply the companies that understand how to create the necessary trust that will run away with the orders.  That’s why my trust based influence tactics works so well. They literally work with mother nature and the way our brain works.

Once you understand and use these techniques it’s ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE for people not to like and trust you. 

Why networking is more powerful than ever - especially in covid times

“Being connected is the single most important key to success now and in the future. ” 
– Eben Pagan (£100 million+ internet marketer)

“Networking is an essential part of building wealth.”
-Armstrong Williams

Connections are the doorway to easier quicker results. Connections are the key top open doors that are hard or otherwise impossible to open. 

On top of that, the more connections you have the more credibility you have in the marketplace. Now more than ever your connections are everything and with the tactics you will learn its easy to create connections online or where ever you are in the world.

 I’m now connected to celebrity entrepreneurs and billionaires that on a regular basis help me advance my name and business and you can do exactly the same with these simple tactics.  

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There is a virtually unlimited supply of leads and connections right on your doorstep, both online and in the real world… you simply need to know how to get attention and create enough trust to turn them into powerful allies and/or dream-clients. 

Unfortunately most people are completely missing the mark and using methods that are simply not effective anymore. In many cases they even scare people AWAY! 

But I have good news… you see, for over 30 years I’ve been collecting and testing literally hundreds of techniques and strategies to find the ones that works the best, I’ve field tested them on tens of thousands of people in hundreds of events and now I’m sharing 50 of them with you in my book 50 Fast and Furious networking tips. 


In this book You will discover these priceless secrets and more

What to do when you are talking with a person that bores you to death.

A Seriously cool way to win the game of networking even before you attend an event.

The 4 Secrets to be an incredible conversationalist.

One of Bill Clintons top secrets to influencing people. The former president was known for being able to transform people that were strongly opposing and disliking him into liking  him in minutes… by using this simple secret. 

How to create MEGA deep trust within minutes. This is so powerful I hope it will not fall in the hands of shortsighted unethical people.  

How to greet people in a way that bypasses their normal defenses and builds trust and likeability within seconds.  Trust me… they will never forget you when you do this.

7 listening mistakes and how to fix them. Great listening is the super high-way to trust, but 96% make one or more of these easily fixable mistakes. Once you understand how to REALLY listen it’s almost like white magic

How to get the organizers to introduce you to the most influential people at an event. 

The Quick’n easy way to get over nervousness of networking. (and BTW this strategy has a highly positive “side effect”)

Easy ways to make people remember you AFTER the event

How to make people addicted to you. YES… you can LITERALLY make people addicted to you by understanding how to trigger the release of certain brain chemicals that are irresistibly attractive and VERY addictive

How to stand out from the competition and be noticed by the most important connections. 

AND WAYYYYY More tactics and strategies that will get you:

More connections, More leads and More sales

What You DON’T Need!

Despite what a lot of people think you DON’T need to be charismatic to make networking work. You don’t need to be a great conversationalist (although I will teach you some VERY powerful tips on how to improve your conversational skills) 

You certainly don’t need to be smart and you don’t even have to be very confident. If these qualities was needed to become a good networker, I would have never made it.

All you need is a caring for people and a willingness to learn and apply. If you have those you are good to go… You too can master these lifechanging skills.

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What some awesome people say about this book

This book is awesome! Short, sharp and to the point and it gives people quick reminders of where they may need to improve. Thanks Pat for sharing x.

Tamara Endley

Successful networking needs to be in every business plan as it can open big doors for your company. I love Patrick’s 50 tips that are timeless ways to build relationships and connect. It’s a must-read for any networker out there, in person or on video meetings. 

Faisal Khokhar

So to sum up my points here today!

  1. There is a virtually unlimited supply of leads and connections, looking to buy products and services like yours.  
  2. To turn them into customers and valuable connections you simply need to used trust based influence methods 
  3. You will learn these methods in my book.
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After reading my book you must be more clear than ever about how to get way more results out of networking. If not… or if you for ANY reason don’t like my book… even if you can’t stand my writing style or are annoyed at the typos, simply let me know within 30 day and I’ll rush you a full refund no questions asked

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Can I be any fairer than that?

So now you have a choice…
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Thanks for stopping by today… I appreciate your time

Until we meet again – Have an amazing time.

Rooting for you – Patrick M. Powers