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I must admit… I used to be a loser. Seriously… I got into business at 21 and went bankrupt within a year i lost it all car house, … I didn’t lose my mind or drive.. in fact I became even more determined to learn the secrets to success, health and happiness. In fact I became almost obsessed ,…. this lead me to searching for the most successful people on the planet.
So now… for over 26 years I’ve had the privilege of working with, hanging with, being coached by over 300 $ millionaires. ive interviewed people worth over $100,000 million.
And it paid off … in 2003 i had my first business breakthrough. Within 8 months of starting a pert time business I left the rat race to become a full time entrepreneur. I hit the jackpot and started to travel the world and life the good life.
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– The honey bee principle. The way to get people to become raving fans.

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