the real reasons your network marketing business is not growing

How could a suicidal, shy guy build the biggest team in Europe In his company (10,000 people) and retire in style at age 36 in the Caribbean? Well YOU are about to discover his secrets 

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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! The coffee cup almost fell over as I SLAMMED my fist onto
the living room table.

“Just Give Up And Get a Normal Job……. Forget all about
this ‘Funny’ business. It will never work anyway”

These words from my mom were still echoing in my mind from a conversation I had with her two days earlier. I had heard all this many times before and couldn’t get it out of my mind. But this time it was different.

That night in my stinky little flat, I made a decision that changed my life and affected tens of thousands of people and has the potential of changing yours too. (Unless you have already decided to give up.)

This Is What I Swore To Myself:

“I, Patrick Powers swear, that I will find out exactly, to the last detail, what the super successes in MLM are doing. And I’m committing to do the same NO MATTER WHAT. Then I will do whatever it takes get their secrets out to anybody, that has a strong and honest desire to succeed in MLM.”

That decision put me on a path that led me to some of the most powerful people in our industry. After years of study and a lot of investment in training, I discovered their secrets and armed with the right knowledge I finally became very successful. 

In fact in just one year I went from being a broke,  taxi driver/temp agent to building a group of 4,500 people, and semi-retiring in Caribbean at age 36. It’s close to impossible to describe the feeling of finally being able to live my dream and travel the world, but as amazing as it was…. this was only the start.

You see, even though I built one of the biggest and fastest growing organizations in my company I was not quite satisfied. I wanted to be absolutely sure that I used the most cutting edge strategies and systems, so while I was travelling the world, I was also being coached and mentored by the absolute top people in business today. 

The strategies I learned from these millionaire mentors absolutely blew my mind. They have transformed my life and not only helped me build  success MLM team but also the 2nd biggest business meetup group in the world with close to 28,000 THOUSAND MEMBERS 

Some of these strategies I’m giving to you today. BUT it will only be available for free for a limited time so make sure you grab the training today. 

Who is Patrick M. Powers

Patrick was NOT a gifted networker to start with. In fact he started out in life Mega shy.

After multiple failures he worked himself up to be one of Europe’s top network marketers proving that it’s not a matter of where you start out… it’s truly only a matter of learning and applying the right techniques and strategies.

Apart from being a top network marketer he is also the founder of the world’s 2nd biggest business meetup group Entrepreneurs In London, with almost 28,000 members 

He also owns and a coaching, training and consulting company, helping small business owners become better marketers and presenters. 

He is widely regarded as one of the biggest experts on MLM leadership and authored multiple books on marketing, mindset and MLM, including his latest; MLM Leadership Factory which he co-authored with industry icons, BIG AL and Ray Higdon.


What people say about Patrick M. Powers

When I first met Patrick in 2013, I was hopeless, hapless and completely lost. After working with Patrick for a number of years, I went from recruiting 5 people in 5 years, to recruiting 78 people within 36 months. 

Now, I am constantly attracting and connecting with extremely influential leaders who want to work with me. What changed? Patrick’s guidance, support, no nonsense approach and extremely powerful systems that has turned me into the lead generating machine and asset that I am today. Thank you Patrick

James Porrit

Luckily, I was a pretty clean slate when it came to business and marketing before I met Patrick. A fresh sponge if you will. 

Well, the universe must have been on my side as I was blessed to meet THE Patrick M Powers and given training that in only 30 mins, that has genuinely changed the course of my life. 

Incredibly powerful information into who I am, what I want, and most of all the STRUCTURE and PLAN to get it! 

Patrick doesn’t just show you, what, who, when, where but he shows you HOW, and that is invaluable. This isn’t just about talking and planning, this is about doing.

Kathryn Mbenga