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Some people have said this about him:

"Truly Inspiring"..... "Phenomenal"
"The Einstein of Small Business Marketing"
"Best thing to come out of Denmark since Carlsberg and Bacon"
"Copywriting Wiz" "Too Direct"
The king of conversion

Who In The World Is This Guy??

You'll find out below!


1) My secret obsession.

2) How I went from shy, broke and starving taxi-driver in Copenhagen/Denmark to retiring in style in the Caribbean.

3) A puzzling marketing fact that can boost your profits and your image at the same time.

​4) The $2 Billion salesletter and it's secrets.

5) How one LETTER in a famous headline allegedly improved response rates by 300%

6) Crap marketer alert. Watch out for these dubious characters.

+ Your free gift worth AT LEAST £1 Million. (ok not quite that much, but it's still bloody good and it can put a lot more money in your pockets)​

Nice to make your acquaintance.

You are probably getting this because we have met online or I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you somewhere in the real world. The purpose of this brief is to give you an overview of who I am and what the heck I’m doing.

As a copywriter one of the most daunting tasks is to write about oneself. The challenge is to make yourself sound great without bragging. I’m going to attempt it even though I’ll probably fail. You see... I’m really proud of some my achievements. If me saying that puts you off... Too bad - we were not meant to be friends or do business together.

And before you think I’m one of those people that think they can walk on water 24/7, I’m definitely not. In fact I’ve made some big mistakes that I’m quite embarrassed about. But I’m not afraid to admit it and talk about my boo-boo’s especially because I know it can save someone else from the same ill fate.

So.... what do you really do Patrick??

Quite simply I help businesses boost their response and conversion rates, generate cheaper leads, create more sales and add more profit to their bottomline. Most of what I do would fall into the category of marketing and sales, more specifically creating irresistible sales copy, marketing campaigns and pitches that sell, sell, sell, and teaching people to do the same.

Could ONE LETTER make you richer ??

The power of words is simple amazing. I’ll give you just one example. In this headline: “Put more romance into your life.” just one letter was added which improved the response rate by 300%.

Can you guess which one? It’s the letter “S” as in “PUTS more romance into your life. The word “puts” implies that it’s going to be done for you without you doing anything. Since most of us want it all, with none of that dirty “work-thing” it usually pays to appeal to our lazy nature.

That’s just one tiny example of the power of words and how understanding your target market at a deep deep level can yield enormous response and conversion rates.

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Why I’m so fascinated with words.

Truth be said... I’m a bit obsessed with words. The last thing I read before I goto sleep are sales letters by the greatest copywriters in the world. The first thing I do in the morning is listening to pitches by the best speakers in the world.

Why am I so obsessed with words? Because since I went bankrupt in my first business at age 22 I committed myself to find the secrets to success. The more I studied business the more I understood that it’s practically all about marketing.

And the more I studied marketing the more it dawned on me that it’s all about WORDS.

Words hold the power to get people to take action and not just in business. Even political empires rest upon their leaders ability to communicate their words in away that get people to do what they want.

When I understood that the right words is the key to success I dedicated myself fully to the mastery of words and I’ve never looked back.

The Salesletter That Pulled In a cool a $2+ billon.

Well I wish I had written this one but I can’t claim that. And yes it really is true that one salesletter pulled in $2 Billion for the wall street journal.

One of it’s secrets is that it starts with an intriguing story that pull the readers into the rest of the letter. This is actual way it starts:

“On a beautiful late spring afternoon, twenty-five years ago....

I haven’t written a 2 $billion ad YET, but I’ve done many successful campaigns and I’m veryficon dent I can write “your story” in a way that will skyrocket YOUR profits.

So what can I do for you?

I write pretty much anything with words intended to pull in lots of profits. For example headlines, webpages, salesletters, pitches and presentations, physical mail shots, postcards, banners etc. (BUT NOT press releases... I simply don’t understand the way journalists think)

But what I do is not just limited to copywriting and pitching. I also come up with completely new angles for your overall marketing message, find undiscovered profit centres and much more.

​Everything I do for you will be tracked, so the effectiveness of any campaigns or strategy can be measured precisely.

And before you say your target market would never like the way I talk to you in this introduction... Come on ....... I’m not a c-class copywriter.

Before I start a project I will do extensive research to fully understand your market and get inside the heads of your prospects and clients. I will of course adapt my writing style to what is appropriate and get SUPER HIGH response rates for YOUR market.

What type of companies do I work with?

I pretty much work with all kinds as long as I see them as being ethical and delivering high value to their customers.

Can I help your company?

No idea ... I’ll have to take a look at your marketing first. Then I can say with great certainty if I’ll be able to do it. BUT... even in the unlikely event that I cannot improve your marketing and your bottom line I Work For FREE!!

I think that’s the only way to do business even though almost all of my competitors think it’s completely fine to run with your money no matter what their performance is. I’ve never understood that and never will.

Best Places To Connect With Me Online

I don’t really use twitter. I think it’s annoying, but someone told me I
needed an account so here it is:

​What results can you expect?

That varies of course vastly depending on your current marketing, your goals and how much work I’m going to put into it. But doubling response and or conversion rates is not unusual.

I’ve done email campaigns that converted 20% of a list to paying clients, optin pages that had 42% response rate and I’ve done pitches that closed 60% of the audience. And again - if I don’t improve your marketing results I work for free.

Crap Marketers Alert!!

Sometimes I’m a bit embarrassed to be a marketer.

Why?? Because the huge need for marketing expertise has lead to a lot of so called experts taking money from honest people for worthless advice. Continue below the boxes >>>>

​More on my background!

Born in Denmark it all started out pretty bad. I was very shy and introverted and had no idea what I wanted in life, except I didn’t want to be employed.

So with no real business education I started my first business at 21. Since I had no marketing knowhow, it only took me a year to run my business deep into the ground and go bankrupt.

After I realised that marketing was the key to success I committed myself to learning everything I could about it and I invested practically all my money and time into this new obsession.

Also... because I thought Denmark was going to be too small for me, I taught myself english from listening to success training audio tapes with a dictionary at my side. Yes that was before the days of the internet. (maaan, that makes me sound like a dinosaur)

9 years ago I had enough of mediocrity and I built a worldwide business that did so well I retired and started moving around the world including St. Lucia in The Caribbean.

Quickly being bored with retirement, I decided to come back and teach marketing and entrepreneurship to people who don’t settle for less than the best and that’s what I’m really passionate about today.

I know nothing better than to help people avoid all the shit I went through and to create their dream-business a lot faster.

I’ve also created one of London's biggest entrepreneurial communities with almost 17,000 ACTIVE members. This was just a hobby project and had £3,500 in total marketing costs.

But enough of my shameless self-praise. Back to what I can do for you.

A Puzzling Marketing Fact!

It’s really strange that people are desperately trying to fit in - YET at the same time they admire and are attracted to people that stick out like a sore thumb.

Being different is important to simply be noticed, but many times you will also be perceived to be of higher value when you stand out. How can you use this to your advantage? Think about how can you be more different?

Don’t be afraid to be different. Think Lady GaGa​

​It’s really sad, but many of them honestly don’t know more than what they learned on a free webinar last month. And with all the people touting themselves as gurus, it can be hard to figure out how to sift the cow-poop from the gold dust.

The way to protect yourself from the imposters is to always chose someone with a full money back guarantee, a long track record AND very importantly use strategies that are directly measurable. (hey guess who fits that description? Hint... he’s from Denmark)

What if you want to learn to do it yourself?

That’s a very smart move. I think all business people should become masters of marketing. I do a lot of seminars on general marketing, pitching and copy- writing. To find out about my latest trainings go to my website or call me.

Hire me as a speaker...

I must warn you. I’m not everybody's cup of tea. My style is down to earth and very direct... some people think too direct.

But whatever you think of my style as a speaker and trainer you will never be bored. The audience will always challenged to do and be more and they will always be left with some practical unique ideas to grow and be more profitable.

Two of my most popular speeches are:

  • The 7 Secrets of Power Influencers. How to control people for fun and profit.
  • Pat’s Dirty Dozen. The 12 deadliest small business marketing weapons.

So What’s The Next Step?

Since you are still reading there must be something in my words that connect with you. So, if you want to grow your business massively get in touch here

We will have a relaxed “no strings attached” chat about your goals and what I possibly can do for you. Not ready to grow your business massively??? Ok... then instead go to to get my FREE newsletter. The free tips and strategies will help you grow moderately. Then when you are ready to put your growth in hyper-drive get back to me.

It was truly a pleasure introducing myself to you. Have a brilliant day
and may the high conversion be with you.

Patrick M. Powers

PS: If you didn’t believe a word I just said I don’t blame you. There are so many scoundrels out there today that a good dose of healthy skepticism is advised.

But maybe you will believe other peoples words. To check out what my clients say about me go here 
To see/hear my interviews in the media go here   

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