This is NOT a Training Program

It’s a guaranteed way to increase your profits and make your marketing kick ass

“No Other System or Method Will Have a Faster Impact on Your Bottomline… PERIOD”

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Fact# 1: Copywriting will do more for your marketing than any other 1 factor

Fact# 2: You don’t have to be creative or brilliant with words to master this skill. ANYONE can learn to write copy that outperforms most competitors within a few hours

From the desk of Patrick M. Powers – Europe’s #1 Copywriting Trainer

Dear Business Builder.

If you are sick and tired of working too hard in your business with too little to show for it, I’m going to show you a simple a quick method that will affect practically every aspect of your marketing whether it’s:

Facebook ads
Social media posts

Print Ads
Pay per click ads
Video pitches
and even LIVE pitches

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No other factor has the power to transform your marketing and your business so completely as understanding how to write compelling copy. Copywriting is simply the science and art of putting words together to influence people to Act Buy and comply.

Simple sales-letters have created huge fortunes… sometimes in the billions. It’s the foundation and bedrock of ANY marketing campaign.

So learning this skills is crucial if you are committed to success, but most copywriting trainings are quite complicated. However if you are looking for a way to improve your marketing FAST without paying a small fortune there is no more effective way than what I’m about to show you.

After years of studying every possible course on copywriting, persuasion and marketing I’ve finally discovered a formula that beats every other method of learning how to write powerful copy. I call It the….

When you follow this method you will be able to produce more attention grabbing, profit pulling headlines,  ads and sales-letters in shorter time than you thought possible.

If you have ever bought any training on copywriting you know that it is typically hard to learn and takes a lot of time to learn copywriting, but I’ve found a way to bypass the traditional learning curve and teach you in just 12 hours how to become a master at what is definitely THE most profitable skill in the world.

You already have the ideas in your brain to Create a Huge business success…

You simply need to understand to get these ideas out of your brain and structure them in a way that your market responds to.

And Im going to show you exactly how in copywriting crash course. These are some of the things we will cover in this ground-breaking seminar

– My simple 30 minute process to crank out world class headlines for ANY industry, products or services.

– 5 elements any sales letter or effective marketing campaign must have.

– Hidden psychological triggers most marketers will never understand.

– How to crawl inside the brain of your readers. You will understand your prospects at such a deep level and they will feel you are talking directly to them.

– How long should a headline be. The answer will really surprise you.

– How To “Trick” Your Brain To Come Up with Brilliant Concepts and ideas… in your sleep.

– 7 types of power-headlines you have probably never heard of.
Most copywriters are using just one or two types. Having these extra in your arsenal will give you a huge edge over your competitors.

– 22 ways to make bullet points that will make your prospects drool with desire to get your products.

– The secret of the 3 BILLION dollar sales letter.
I’m going to analyze the highest grossing salesletter in history so you can employ
the same techniques to work for you.

How to legally spy on competitors
Find out what headlines and ads are working for to shortcut your way to success. This secret alone is worth the investment in this seminar many many many times over.

The 10 questions in a prospects brain YOU MUST answer if you want to make the sale.

 I learned this from a copywriter that outperformed the best copywriters in a billion dollar direct selling giant…  by 600%. This is simply unheard of… if you could even improve 10% but this guy out sold the best of the best by 6 TIMES. You get his simply brilliant formula as part of this program.

–  Secrets of the copywriter that sold $150 million worth of products for just ONE of his clients.

– My proprietary bullet booster method to skyrocket the effectiveness of your bullet points. No-one else is teaching this and I guarantee your bullets will stand out and pushes the “Gotta have it” trigger in the brain of your prospects.

– How to never have the “blank-page-blues” again.
Make writers block a thing of the past and let your creativity flow with this powerful way of thinking. You can use this technique to write blog posts and even books if you would ever wish to do that.

And much much more.


and right now you will get this priceless cutting edge know-how for 60% less than normally because I’m recording it for a home-study course. So I urge you… Get your limited spot now (only 30 seats available).

Some people will say “Why not just hire a great copywriter and let them do it”

First of all… there is nothing wrong with that… I have many business hiring me to do their copy. HOWEVER… learning how to write great copy yourself is one of the best decisions you will ever make for at least 4 big reasons.

Reason 1: Good copywriters are hard to find. Great ones are not only extremely rare, but also incredibly expensive. For example Jim Rutz would charge you $100,000 before writing a sales-letter and on top of that take 5% of what the sales-letter would produce.

Reason 2: When you learn how to do it well you can often do a better job than most copywriters, because you know your products, your clients and your market better than any outside copywriter does.

Reason 3: When you know how to write great copy it’s a lot easier to recognize good copywriters from the bad ones. If you are ever in need to hire a copywriter you will be able to pick the right ones. Without this skill you could lose thousands or tens of thousands if you pick the wrong person.

And if you have ever thought that you could never learn this profitable skill… well Im happy to say that you are simply wrong

With the copywriting crash course it really is a lot easier to learn than you can imagine. No more sweating over the keyboard for days or weeks.  8 quick sessions over 12 hours is all it takes. And when you have learned it you can never unlearn it again. You will produce brilliant copy on autopilot… even when you least think of it.

This could be the answer to end your marketing woes!
Grab your spot now before it’s too late

But why should you be listening to me?

Fair question.. after all, there are so many scoundrels today and people passing themselves up to be a business guru after attending a week-end seminar

So here it is. I’m not just a copywriting trainer. As opposed to many trainers I’ve actually built real businesses.

I’m the founder of the 2nd biggest business meetup group in the world with over 27,000 members.

I started building this community at a time in my life where I was broker than broke… and I was able build it fast with NO marketing budget almost entirely because of my copywriting skills.

I’m the secret weapon of many successful entrepreneurs. I’ve written successful copy for many different fields including




Health products


Personal growth
Business opportunities


Tech Solutions


Business training

Luxury holiday homes

Property investment training

And much more…

And btw it doesn’t really matter what field you are in… once you understand the principles you will learn in copywriting crash course you can apply it to ANY PRODUCT or SERVICE.

Bottomline is, I know my stuff… but the great thing is you don’t even have to believe me!

Simply try out the course… take it for a test-drive.. and if wasn’t everything you expected AND increase your bottomline it’s not going to cost you one penny.

Now.. I know you probably don’t care but here are a few people that has profited from my work… just so you can see that it’s not just myself that is tooting my horn😊

If you want to improve your marketing, image and increase your profits, Patrick is your go-to man! Working with him has dramatically improved my businesses and is difference between a make or break in my business, and yours too if you’re lucky enough to work with him!

Every time i talk to Patrick goldnuggets falls out of his mouth.

Faisal Khokhar

“I’m so glad i met Patrick . He was the missing link and he over-delivers.

I now have ample leads and have already seen a return on my investment. I now have 32 paying clients and I’m being asked to speak at events.

Get Patrick in your corner and you will be where you want to be in a very short space of time.”

Paul Atherton

Patrick Completely transformed the way we communicated to market.

Our message was too confusing and chaotic and he made us stop and think about the important aspects of our business and brought a lot of clarity.


Since we made the changes we have doubled the company twice in 2 years.”

Jonathan Hobday

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How You will SAVE Money With What You Learn

BTW you will not only make far more money with the secrets from Copywriting Crash course… it will also save you money. Here are just 2 ways….

  1. Fire your ad agency and do it yourself.
    (or at the very least reduce their work and save a bunch) 
  1. Save money on google adwords, facebook ads and other pay pay click advertising.

    You probably already know that the more people click on your google adwords and fb ads, the less you will pay per click. Just a few extra percent increase in your click through rate could save your investment in this seminar in a matter of days or weeks.Creating google adwords is almost entirely about writing good headlines and copy. The same thing with facebook ads. The words are the most critical aspect.

So if you are going to invest money in yourself and business this year, this is the most effective use of your time and money.

AND right now you will get it At a Price That Is
EVEN LOWER than a Total No-Brainer

Even at the normal price this is worth the price many times over – but right now I’m literally giving away my secrets for a price that are so low you would be crazy not to jump on this offer.

Why?? Because this is a new format of my training system I’ve been working on for the last 2 years. I know this is going to be better than any other copy writing training I’ve ever done, but I need some good testimonials for it … so im willing to ethically bribe you to get on board now… 

 So not only will you get this at a much lower price today but right now…..

As soon as you register you will also get my unique “Shortcut To Marketing Greatness” method… worth £397

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The 100 Most Powerful Headlines Ever written.
Timeless masterpieces from the greatest marketers and copywriters of all times. Some of these headlines have produced millions and is a treasure trove for anyone wanting to improve their marketing. Value $29
Instantly Downloadable For Free When You Join Today

Private facebook group where you can ask questions and get feedback. I don’t want you to be stuck any point during this training. If you are in doubt about anything simply post it in the fb group and I’ll be there for you.   Value $159
Free When You Join Today

Personal Critique of 1 of your Headlines.
I will personally analyse one of your headlines and if there is any way it can become better, I will give you at least 2 alternative versions.

6 Live feedback and Q and A webinars.

I’m big on implementation…  Training by itself often doesn’t work until you get feedback on you actual work. This is often where the big breakthroughs come and that’s why I’m giving you 6 live webinars to get feedback on your copy and ask questions


Similies are one of the most underutilized and and powerful. Over the years ive collected

Please Don’t Waste Your Money on Ineffective Ads and Marketing. Learn this priceless skill, so once and for all you will be able to maximize your response rates and profits… Guaranteed

I’m so sure you will be completely happy with this seminar and what you learn, that I’m going to give you a completely iron-clad guarantee.

– After this seminar You Must Be Better at creating powerful headlines and copy.

– You must be able to outperform the response rates of any ad you have written before.

– MOST IMPORTANTLY you must add more profits to your bottom line.

If not, or if for ANY reason you are not happy with this training I’ll rush you a full refund of every penny you have paid. Absolutely No Questions Asked.

Even in the unlikely event that it happens I will absolutely insist that you keep all the bonuses without any further obligation or cost.

That’s how confident I am that these ideas and strategies will put significant more profit into your bank account and transform your business!.

Click here

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