Time to Take Your Marketingto the Next Level?

Sophie Thorpe

Relationship Expert

“I recently had a FREE marketing session with Patrick and I got what was promised and more. Each time I have received a ‘FREE’ session of any kind from other businesses in the past, they have essentially been sales calls.NOT so with Patrick. He asked lots of questions and clarified what it was that I needed. Now, here’s the best bit…He ACTUALLY helped me. He solved 2 of my problems for me within the 30 mins!! He then went on to give me more advice on how I can improve on those 2 points Classily done and he has definitely earned my trust. Thank you again Patrick!”  

Patrick M. Powers

Client Attraction Expert

What You’ll Get During This Marketing Optimization Free Call

In this section you’ll explain what will happen during the strategy call, the goal is to reassure your future client that this will be valuable for them and that it won’t just be a sales pitch. You want them to understand that this is not a waste of time.

What Happens Before the Call

I will take a look at your website and social media properties to get an overall idea and potentially pinpoint some areas for improvement. 

What Happens During the Call

We will identity the biggest bottlenecks and stumbling blocks … and create plan for how to get you more customers FAST, generate more sales from them and keep them for longer.  

What Happens After The Call

During the call we will be explioing whether it would make sense for us to work together 

About Patrick M. Powers

Patrick M. Powers is an award-winning entrepreneur and one of Europe’s biggest experts on Influence, presentation tactics, conversion strategies and business growth for SME’s.  He is one of London’s most connected entrepreneurs and the founder of Entrepreneurs In London which is the world’s 2nd biggest business meetup group (over 27,500 Members)

Patrick is also an author of several business books A.M.O. “How to conquer fear of Public Speaking  and “How to Turn Your Contacts Into Cash” and his new upcoming book The New Marketing Manifesto.He has been featured on BBC, Forbes and is regularly being interviewed on some of the biggest business podcast shows in the world.  He has a unique ability to help business owners to stand out, be noticed and master the art of influencing both the masses and one a one-to-one basis. As one he most successful meetup hosts in the world he understands exactly how to influence and create a big following. 

Some of My Clients Results

Junior Ogunyemi ​

Entrepreneur and Speaker

Patrick transformed our Facebook campaign from £1 per click to £0.19p per click. In a matter of weeks the number of leads increased from 2 per day to over 8 per day.

Also our website hits flew from 40 per day to over 200 hits per day. Patrick knows what he is doing. He can be trusted and always delivers on time. As a result of working with him, we have already saved thousands of pounds in marketing spend.”


Sales-coach of the year 2014 

“I’m so glad i met Patrick . He was the missing link and he over-delivers.I now have ample leads and have already seen a return on my investment I now have 32 paying clients and I’m being asked to speak at events.

Get Patrick in your corner and you will be where you want to be in a very short space of time.”

Jonathan Hobday


“Patrick Completely transformed the way we communicated to market.

Our message was too confusing and chaotic and he made us stop and think about the important aspects of our business and brought a lot of clarity.

Since we made the changes we have doubled the company twice in 2 years.”

What Are You Waiting For? Get the word out about your company and Increase Your Sales!