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About 2 times a month Patrick M. Powers performs a LIVE Zoom coaching call to answer all your questions about growing your MLM business. These are not just some pre-prepared webinar trying to sell you stuff or tell you something you already know.

This is live high quality coaching and the answers you need to the most important questions you have exactly at this point in your MLM career

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What people say about Patrick M. Powers

When I first met Patrick in 2013, I was hopeless, hapless and completely lost. After working with Patrick for a number of years, I went from recruiting 5 people in 5 years, to recruiting 78 people within 36 months. 

Now, I am constantly attracting and connecting with extremely influential leaders who want to work with me. What changed? Patrick’s guidance, support, no nonsense approach and extremely powerful systems that has turned me into the lead generating machine and asset that I am today. Thank you Patrick

James Porrit

Luckily, I was a pretty clean slate when it came to business and marketing before I met Patrick. A fresh sponge if you will. 

Well, the universe must have been on my side as I was blessed to meet THE Patrick M Powers and given training that in only 30 mins, that has genuinely changed the course of my life. 

Incredibly powerful information into who I am, what I want, and most of all the STRUCTURE and PLAN to get it! 

Patrick doesn’t just show you, what, who, when, where but he shows you HOW, and that is invaluable. This isn’t just about talking and planning, this is about doing.

Kathryn Mbenga

About Patrick M. Powers

Patrick was NOT a gifted networker to start with. In fact he started out in life Mega shy.

After multiple failures he worked himself up to be one of Europe’s top network marketers proving that it’s not a matter of where you start out… it’s truly only a matter of learning and applying the right techniques and strategies.

Apart from being a top network marketer he is also the founder of the world’s 2nd biggest business meetup group Entrepreneurs In London, with almost 28,000 members 

He also owns and a coaching, training and consulting company, helping small business owners become better marketers and presenters. 

He is widely regarded as one of the biggest experts on MLM leadership and authored multiple books on marketing, mindset and MLM, including his latest; MLM Leadership Factory which he co-authored with industry icons, BIG AL and Ray Higdon.


No Fluff Guarantee - and a Warning!

I can’t stand FLUFF, I can’t Stand Hype, so I guarantee you will never get any of that from me. You will only get the latest most powerful strategies ad tactics proven to work. 

HOWEVER I MUST WARN YOU. My style of coaching and teaching is very direct… so if you are not ready to hear the unvarnished truth don’t come to these Zooms. 


Growth and success can only be found on the outside of your comfort zone…. your comfort zone is the stagnation zone… nothing good will ever come from that dreadful place.

I’m committed to your growth and that’s why I might… well probably will make you uncomfortable.  I will tell you the truth about what you need to do to get to where you want to be… so if you are ready to hear the truth and take your business to the next level… join me here today.   

Thanks for visiting today… I’m looking forward to meet you on zoom and hopefully also in the real world.