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Give me an hour of your time and I’ll help you: ​​​– Beat marketing confusion and create the clarity of exactly what key areas to focus on. 


– Find the essential building blocks to runaway marketing success.


– Identify the key areas that will move you toward the business you desire. 


– Discover what’s stopping you from attracting enough leads and customers.– Pinpoint what to do to maximize conversion and sales in every single step of your marketing-funnel.   

You Could Be Just One Great Marketing Idea Away From a Complete Breakthrough!

From the desk of Patrick M. Powers – Weybridge, Surrey

Dear Business Builder.Throughout history it’s always been the companies that understood how to create irresistible marketing messages that dominated their industries. Marketing has even allowed companies with mediocre products and services to create huge empires.( McDonald’s is just one of countless examples) 

But today it has become more important than ever to have great marketing. It’s the big differentiator that what will make or break you. But most small or medium sized companies are approaching it in a way that is bound to fail. They often use an unfocused scatter gun approach with uninteresting messages that have no chance to cut through the intense noise today and win over the fierce competition. Also, most business owners today are too confused about what really works and therefore they try all kinds of stuff that, at best is ineffective and at worst is totally counter productive. But I’m happy to tell you that there are really only 3 things you need to focus on to create wildly successful marketing campaigns. And I’m about to show you and identify exactly what you need to do next to attract more customers quickly.  

So if you STILL have the fighting spirit you had when you started out in business… if you still think that your company and you are meant for FAR greater results will FAR less stress, I can help. The reason that I ask if you still have this fighting spirit, is that a lot of company owners simply let themselves be defeated by all the let downs, by all the people that cheated them and by all the failed attempts. So they give up hope and their grand visions and just settle for a small struggling business.  

Believe me, I’ve been through every single challenge you can imagine and then some, so I get it… I REALLY DO.  But there is a way to get complete control of your lead flow and your cashflow. In fact you are probably just ONE great idea away from creating a scalable marketing machine. So lets get your marketing machine sorted once and for all. Apply for your session by clicking here

Have an amazing day and may the high conversion be with you- Patrick M. Powers

What MY Customers Are Saying

“I recently had a FREE marketing session with Patrick and I got what was promised and more. Each time I have received a ‘FREE’ session of any kind from other businesses in the past, they have essentially been sales calls.NOT so with Patrick. He ACTUALLY helped me. He solved 2 of my problems within the 30 mins!!  He then went on to give me more advice on how I can improve on those 2 points. Classily done and he has definitely earned my trust. Thank you again Patrick!”  

Sophie Thorpe    

Style expert

One of the best investments of my life.”

I got my guaranteed return on investment after 60 of the 90 days we worked together.Since then I’ve gone on to create revenues in excess of £250,000 using the knowledge & skills Patrick taught me! One of the best investments of my life.

Paul Atherton

Sales Coach of the year