Can't Make Internet Marketing Work? Squeezed By The Competition?? Here Is The Missing Piece To Close More Business, Get Far More Repeat Orders and Skyrocket Your Online Profits!

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Discover A Brilliantly Simple Formula That Allows You To Almost Effortlessly Create Irresistible Emails Like a Marketing Pro In Just 15 Minutes a Day... Even if You Have Never Written an Ad, Sales letter or Email in Your Whole Life... Guaranteed

From the desk of Patrick M. Powers

Dear Friend....

There is no way around it... We all know it... Advertising and traffic generation is getting more and more expensive. What this means to you and I is this: We will either have to get better conversion and more repeat business or simply go bankrupt.

You might think that's an exaggeration, but I can assure you that competition is going to get a lot tougher in the near future and any business that does not have optimum conversion will simply lose to the competitors that does.

If that's not enough to make you sleepless, here are some other scary facts:

Did you know that 99.3% of websites visitors will never come back. That is... UNLESS YOU DO SOMETHING To Get Them There

That's why email marketing has become absolutely crucial, because it is simply the most effective way for small and medium sized businesses to build trust and constantly drive your prospects back to your sites and remind them of your great products and services.

Email marketing gives you the power to level the playing field and Fight back.. and WIN against companies with much bigger budgets and far more established brands

So why do most businesses not use email marketing effectively?
Great question and it's basically for 2 reasons:

Reason 1: They don't understand it and are aware of that, but they simply don't have the budget to hire great copywriters

Reason 2: They think it's just like traditional copywriting strategies so give is try and... inevitably they will fail miserably and then give up

...But Traditional Copywriting is Doomed To Fail In Emails and Here Is Why...

One of the big mistakes is to think you can use traditional sales copywriting tactics for Email. But Emails require a completely different style where you sell in an much more subtle and indirect way - if you try to sell directly in emails you will more than likely fail - especially if you use traditional copywriting strategies.

And I'm not talking about merely giving some good tips first to build trust... if it was that easy, you wouldn't need a special training on email copywriting. I'm talking about a writing style that is much more powerful and creates a personal connection that goes way beyond normal sales messages.

When you use the right strategies, emails are incredibly powerful and can probably be used in more ways than you think - here are just a few of them:

It cost a fortune to hire good copywriters and until now it has also cost an arm and a leg to get quality copywriting training...not only that... normally it takes a long time to learn. But now you don't have to miss out on this crucial marketing strategy because...

In just TWO days you can learn to create powerful profit-pulling email
seven if you think you are hopeless at selling, marketing and writing!

It's true that traditional copywriting is a very advanced marketing skill that can take months or even years to master. But not email copywriting.... at least not the way I'm about to share with you.

I'm going to share a formula for writing emails anywhere anytime that is SO SIMPLE IT WILL SHOCK YOU. Literally, in a few hours I will have you writing emails like a pro and more importantly making more money from it.

With this system I've been able to create many successful email campaigns with open rates as high as 50%. I've created campaigns where just 4 emails sparked a buying frenzy that got 20% of the list to BUY.

I've also been able to build Londons biggest Business and Career Meetup with over 16,800 members and over 30,000 followers on Facebook. This was accomplished with a total marketing cost of less than £2,500 (used on PPC), but mostly because of good copywriting that got peoples attention and made them come to our live meetings and events again and again.

Now I'm about to give YOU my unique Email Copywriting system guaranteed to boost your profits. I call it:

Whatever your background is... Even if you have never written an email or a salesletter before, this system will have you cranking out profitable emails using just 15 minutes a day

Your english doesn't even have to be that good. I'm Danish myself and I have my share of grammatical errors and typos in my copy (probably in this letter too), BUT I can out-sellalmost anyone with this system, even if their english skills are way better than mine.

More importantly, you can do the same. You have a goldmine right inside your head and I will teach you the formula to start digging out the gold, Guaranteed or your money back.

So if profits and freedom are important you, please join me in this life-changing program completely risk free.

It's really hard to communicate how much you will get out of this, but let me try anyway...

These are just some of the mega-profit-boosting secrets we will cover in this intensive 2 day seminar:

Module 1: The Foundation For Mega Email Profits

  • The absolutely critical difference between traditional sales letter and emails. If you don't know this, your email campaigns will probably crash and burn. Even some of the big players are unaware of this and lose huge sums because of it
  • How often you should send - this will probably surprise... maybe even shock you
  • How long should an email be to create the maximum impact
  • Why being "too nice" will kill your sales
  • What you MUST learn from one of the biggest copywriters ever. This guy sold more than 150 million dollars worth of information products JUST FOR ONE OF his clients

    ...And a heck of a lot more profit boosting secrets

Module 2: Secrets To Being Persuasive

  • What your prospect really feels and how
    to use that to completely outperform your competition
  • How to explode your sales by understanding the 29 emotions of your prospects
  • How to break even the toughest sales resistance
  • THE 2 biggest mistakes 9 out of 10 marketers make over and over again.

    Plus so much more...

Module 3: Subject Lines That Makes It Impossible For Your Reader To Hit The Delete Button

You have only got a split second to catch people's attention. That's why the subject line is such an important key to making your emails a success. These are the priceless strategies we will cover in this module:

  • The weird emotion that might the be the most important action trigger
  • 21 types of subject lines that work like gang busters. AMAZING for stimulating your creativity to come up with that subjct line that's going to make your campaign a home run
  • How to "speak" directly to the reptilian brain of your suspect. This will trigger survival instincts that are hard wired into our DNA and makes it very near impossible to ignore
  • The best subject lines ever written by the worlds top copywriter. Simply change afew words to fit it to you business. Copy... Adapt... Paste... PROFIT

Module 3: Easy Formatting and Design Secrets

This could mean a massive difference to your response rate and bottomline. Gone are the days where simple text emails could haul in loads of money every time you sent a simple offer. These are some of the priceless insights you will learn

  • Text vs html... what works best and when
  • What to do BEFORE your conversion rates drop. Unless you do this your profits will almost invariably go down the tubes. 
  • 5 best fonts to use no matter what industry you are in
  • What fonts you must never ever use
  • The little squiggly thing that can make a big difference to your bottomline
  • The unexpected punctuation mark that can boost your response significantly

Module 4: Unlocking Your Unstoppable Creativity

This part of the training could possibly be the single most powerful learning experience you will ever go through. After this you will never have writers block again. This module is also one of the reasons this seminar is so much more than "JUST" an email copywriting course.

This will help you dig out the goldmine from your brain and the most amazing thing is that the more you dig out, the more gold there will be. Remember that in this economy great ideas = great profit potential.

  • The weird but brilliant tactic I learned from the 10-million-dollar-a-year email copywriting guru
  • The amazing mindflow technique that will allow you to write far easier than you even thought possible
  • Where to find inspiration everywhere you go, 100% free
  • How to break writers block once and for all. Never stare at the screen again tearing your hair out trying to come up with ideas
  • How to get your subconscious mind to work overtime for you even while you sleep. This incredibly simple technique could simply revolutionize your creativity and problem solving ability
  • How to find your own unique voice

You will never know what creative treasures are in your mind until you experience how to fully unlock it with the surprisingly simple techniques in this module.

It's really nothing short of a miracle and you will probably astound yourself.

But lets move on to...

Module 5: Connecting and Bonding With Your Reader

Getting attention is no doubt the most important aspect of marketing, but if you cannot connect and bond with your reader you have wasted your efforts... without trust nothing matters. Email is one of the most powerful tools to build trust, but exactly how to do it... that's what this module is all about. Get ready to see your profits go berserk with these super advanced secrets used by 7-figure and 8-figure copywriters.

  • The real key to never be seen as a sleazy sales-person. Your results could skyrocket from this understanding alone
  • Easy steps to help you become friends with your prospect
  • The one thing you need to share you never thought you should. When you use this this counter intuitive strategy their sales resistance will melt like like butter in a microwave
  • How to position yourself as the "knight in shining armour" that is truly caring about the prospect and ready to fight for them
  • The surprising tactic that only the top of the top copywriters know and use. This is so powerful it's being used by politicians all over the world to win votes now you can have this sames power to make obscene profits and create a huge following of crazy-loyal fans
  • The 1 easy tactic almost NOBODY uses that takes the relationship to "the next level". The competition will be defenceless against you when you do this
  • Phrases and figures of speech that make your reader feel you are their best buddy

What is so powerful about this module is that these strategies can be used in ANY situation in business, whether you are at a networking event, you are doing a public talk or you are trying to close a deal with a single person

Module 6: "Stealing" From the Masters

To become the best you must study the best. It's taken me a decade to find the crème de la crème in email marketing. And these are not the traditional internet marketing gurus.

Some of the emails I will show you are published by companies you probably never heard of, but their turnover makes the so called gurus look like complete amateurs. We are not talking a turnover of millions... but tens or even HUNDREDS of millions of dollars.

Here are a few of the invaluablable thing we will cover in this module

  • ​Analysis of the best emails in the world. We will step by step dissect these brilliant marketing pieces and show you exactly how to adapt them to YOUR business
  • A very unusual launch strategy from a guy that sold over $1 BILLION worth of information products. This is so easy and guaranteed to blow your mind... get email open-rates that will make the gurus green with envy and conversion rates that will make your banker ecstatic

Please note: As part of your program you will receive a swipefile of the 50+ best emails ever written. This has taken me years and years to complete and is honestly worth your whole investment in Irresistible Emails

Module 7: The Crucial Techy Stuff

There some It's doesn't have to be that complicated, but if you don't steer clear you could be tearing your hair out and losing valuable time and money

  • The very best email marketing solution. This very little-known solutions can do woodoo stuff that boosts your closing rates to the moon and put your marketing on autopilot (and no...I'm not talking about Infusionsoft)
  • The best of the cheap solutions
  • How integrating your email marketing system with your CRM can take your business to the next level and beyond
  • An absolute no-brainer trick that can double your open rates
  • Pitfalls and costly mistakes. Save bundles from simply avoiding the same mistakes I made
  • Words to avoid like the plague. If you don't know these your email might never be delivered or end up in the spam box
  • How to open with a bang so you keep your readers glued to your words all the way to the click.

And much much more...

Listen... I don't believe in magic bullets... But Irresistible Emails is as close as you can come to one. AND It's a lot faster to write emails than you might think.

Email marketing will not only give you the highest return on investment, but also the highest return on your time... and with my Irresistible Emails formula just 15 minutes a day could make you a small (or even big) fortune

Once you have learned my unique system you don't have to spend a lot of time writing. You should easily be able to create around 4-6 emails a week writing just 15 minutes a day and that's probably more than you need for your business. What's even more amazing: In lots of situations where before you would just waste time you will be able to write profitable emails (for example when you are travelling on the train, waiting in airports etc etc.)

There is just quite nothing like the feeling of pushing the button to send out an email to your list and within 2 minutes see the orders flooding in. The first time you experience it you will be hooked for life.

And just think about this... once you have captured a lead you can market to that person over and over again for free and every single time they read your emails their trust in you increases ... if you do it the right way.

On top of that these techniques will NEVER be outdated like most SEO strategies, article writing and many other internet marketing strategies. I don't know about you, but I've taken many courses only to find shortly after that the information was already outdated or about to be rendered useless by some change in a google algorithm or another new thing.

When you have learned the Irresistible Emails formula it will never go out of fashion or become extinct

Why?? Because these secrets are based on everlasting principles about peoples deep desires, what builds trust and what triggers action... and these principles will never change.

In fact this formula will work even better over time the more you use it. So... I hope you can see this is probably the best investment in training you will ever make.

If all these reasons are not enough for you to take action yet then THIS surely must be....

The system you are about to learn in Irresistible Emails, could unlock your inner writer/author.

Have you ever thought about writing a book? If you haven't you really should. It's one of the most powerful marketing tools you will ever have. It will position you as an expert in your field and someone to be reckoned with. It's far easier to get speaking engagements, radio interviews and tv interviews when you are an author. Simply put, people think you are an expert when you are an author.

You probably already ARE an expert in your field, but it's so much easier to be RECOGNISED as one when you are an author.

Most people think that it's hard to write a book, but it doesn't have to be. AND in fact when you learn the "mind flow" technique in module 4 you will be able to finish a 150 page book writing just 30 minutes a day for 90 days.

Just Think What That Would Do For Your Career, Your Business and Your Reputation!!

So what is this going to cost you? Well absolute nothing unless it boosts your profits. Before I reveal that, you need to know how seriously advanced this stuff is.

One of my mentors is charging $5000 for a 2 day seminar on this subject. Since I'm going to give you more than 5 times the strategies and infinitely more follow up training, I should probably charge $25,000 for this.

However I don't have the benefit of his fame yet so I'm going to give it to you at a MASSIVE discount for 2 reasons:

  • 1) I need your success story to tell the world how great it was, so I can charge what it's really worth. Once the results from my students start pouring in, people all over the world will be lining up to get in.
  • 2) I'm going to record this seminar, so I produce and sell the home study program.

So you see... because I need your help, I'm going to give you a one-time-only offer at $2497. Do you think it's worth trading $2,497 for a formula that can make you 3... 4... 5 times or even more every single month for the rest of your life on a part time or even spare time basis??

But That's Not All... I'm Also Going To Give You These
5 Priceless and Quite Frankly Amazing Gifts

The 50 best Emails Ever Written.

Speed up your learning curve by looking over the shoulder of some of the best email copywriters in the world. This has taken me years of collecting from some of the best in the world. Value Priceless... You Get It for Free Today.

The 10,000 Most Powerful Words and Phrases

If you are ever lost for words, just browse through this document and powerful words and phrases will literally jump out at you. This is not just invaluable for your emails, but for any sales copy you write. Value £57... Yours FREE Today

Recording of the Whole 2 Day Seminar

Repetition is the mother of skill. With the recording you can go back and listen to it again and again.( and you will probably learn something new every time) Value at least $647... Yours FREE Today

Free Unlimited Q and A for 60 Days

Ask any questions via email for 60 days and I'll cover them on 2 live conference calls. (will also get the recording if you cannot attend) Normally $157...Yours Free Today.

Email Copy Critique

Send me any 1 of your emails within one month of the program and I will critique it for you. Normally $189. Yours Free Today

You are getting a complete value of $4,889, so with the early bird fast action discount you will probably not see a better deal this year. So if staying ahead is a priority Please Join Me in London

However, I fully understand if you have doubts... after all, there are so many people making crazy claims on the internet today. You might even have bought something before that didn't produce what it promised.

I definitely have... Many times. I even attended a $5,500 seminar where I only learned one thing couldn't find in a $17 ebook - I've attended a €5,000 training that was completely uselesss unless you bought another training that was either €15.000 or €35.000

But I can assure you Irresistible Emails is nothing like any training you have experienced before. I want to take ALL your doubts away and put you at ease moving forward with this. That's why I'm giving you my Amazing Triple Guarantee that simply none of my competitors dare give

With that in mind go ahead and grab your super discounted spot
in this life-changing, profit-boosting program

But... there is even more... here is my final free gift to sweeten the pot

I'm already offering you so much value at an immensely discounted price, but let me give you one more amazing bonus that will hopefully settle it in your mind once and for all.

Even though these secrets are super easy to learn, I know how it is when you come home from a seminar. Sometimes it can be pretty hard to remember what to do and mostly HOW to do it. I want to be absolutely sure you are going to produce profitable emails with ease... that's why I'm giving you 4 extra live implementation webinar sessions.

In these implementation sessions we will go even more in-depth with how to create record breaking response rates and that's on TOP of the two Q and A sessions I'm already giving you.

Just Think about it... Seriously... What else can you do in just 15 minutes a day that have a massive impact on your bottomline profits and your freedom?? Well I cannot think of anything else.... can YOU?

SO... in the short time we have spent together today...

  • I've documented that email marketing beats all other marketing channels
  • I've shown you that higher and higher click prices is an unstoppable trend that threatens your bottomline profits
  • I've documented how email marketing has become absolutely crucial, because 99.3% of your website visitors will never come back to your site unless you capture their name and BRING them there
  • I've told you why traditional copywriting is doomed to fail in emails
  • I've shown you that these techniques will never go out of fashion (unlike most online marketing training). Therefore Irresistible Emails will probably be the best investment you have ever made in internet marketing training
  • and finally... I've shown you how much more powerful and feature packed my seminar is and at an almost incomparably lower price AND I'm guaranteeing your results in ways that none of my competitors dare

So You See... This Really Does Make Sense and Is In Your Best Interest. Since You Have Stuck With Me So Far It Must make Sense To You Too...

So Why Don't You Try It At MY RISK Today?

I can honestly say this is not only the most comprehensive... the most advanced, but also at the same time the best value training on email copywriting by FAAAR. My system is simply the closest thing you will come to a magic bullet. And keep in mind it's only because of the reasons stated above I'm giving you it to you so affordably - this will be the ONLY time ever I'm making this offer.

  • This really is a screaming hot deal too good to pass up. Just $2,997  $2497 Today to learn techniques that can boost your response rates and profits to the moon and give you the fighting power to win against more established competitors... to finally make your internet marketing work... that's gotta be the deal of the century. Especially when you consider there are people out there selling seminars on Email copywriting for $5000 that doesn't even have 20% of the explosive secrets in Irresistible Emails. Seriously, think of it... how many more customers do you need to get with these everlasting strategies to cover the cost ... 1? 2?
  • Going it alone is not the time... To figure out these secrets has taken me almost two decades and OVER $130,000 in training, coaching fees PLUS untold amounts in testing stuff that didn't work to find what really DOES work. When you join me today you will be making serious shortcuts to get results it normally takes years or even decaded to get. AND I'll be on your side making sure you get there in record time and avoid all the pitfalls so many fall into.
  • On the other hand - If you ignore this exceptionally generous offer I can pretty much guarantee you will lose out on many ways to get and stay competitive. Business today is a battleground and the war is becoming fiercer and more intense every year. It's already hard to stay ahead without these strategies, so for your own sake please accept my more than generous offer so we can get you on the road to maximum profits, far more loyal clients and tons of repeat orders.

After This You Will Never Have To Settle for Low Conversion Rates Again!

It's time to make Email marketing work for you and turn your business into the unstoppable marketing machine it deserves to be.Please... join me today... risk free.

Yours for Sky-High Conversion Rates

Patrick M. Powers

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