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  • Fact#1: If your headlines don't capture the attention and interest of your readers they will simply move on and the rest of the ad or marketing piece will never be read
  • Fact# 2: Your headlines will do more for your marketing than any other 1 factor
  • Fact# 3: ANYONE can learn to write worldclass headlines in just 1 day

From the desk of Patrick M. Powers - Europe's #1 Copywriting Trainer

Dear Business Builder

If you are looking for a way to improve your marketing FAST without paying a small fortune there is no more effective way to achieve that than improving your headlines.

Headlines are responsible for approximately 80% of the success of an ad or salesletter. By simply changing the headline in an ad or salesletter you it's possible to increase response rates by 500% 800 % or even more.

And I have good new for you because you are literally only hours away from writing the most profitable headlines of your life.

After years of studying every possible course on copywriting I've finally discovered a formula that beats every other method of learning how to write powerful copy. I call It the....

Irresistible Headlines Formula

Profit Pulling Headlines Made Easy

When you follow this method you will be able to produce more attention grabbing, profit pulling headlines in shorter time than you thought possible.

If you have ever bought any training on copywriting you know that it is typically hard to learn and takes a lot of time to learn copywriting, but I've found a way to bypass the traditional learning curve and teach you in just 1 day how to become a master at what is definitely one of... if not THE most profitable skill in the world.

Join Me Now and get this crucial skill for life at at a massive discount 

These are some of the things we will cover in this groundbreaking seminar

  • My secret 30 minute process to crank out world class headlines for ANY industry, products and services
  • Hidden psychological triggers most copywriters will never understand
  • How to crawl inside the brain of your readers.
    You will understand your prospects at such a deep level they feel you are talking directly to them.
  • What 5 fonts are the most effective and which fonts you should you never ever use for a headline.
  • How long should a headline be. The answer will really surprise you.
  • Formatting and color secrets. Small changes that can make a huge difference to your bottom-line and profits.
  • How To "Trick" Your Brain To Come Up with Brilliant Concepts and ideas... in your sleep.
  • 7 types of headlines you have never heard of.
    Most copywriters are using just one or two types and having these extra in your arsenal will give you a huge edge over your competitors.
  • The 30 second design secret that can easily increase response by 10-15%.
  • How to legally spy on competitors and find out what headlines are working for them. This secret alone is worth the investment in this seminar many many many times over. 

and right now you will get this priceless cutting edge know-how for 80% less than normally because I'm recording it for a home-study course. So I urge you... Get your limited spot now (only 30 seats available)

Some people will say "Why not just hire a great copywriter and let them do it"

First of all... there is nothing wrong with that HOWEVER... learning how to write great copy yourself is one of the best desisions you will ever make for at least 4 big reasons

Reason 1: Good copywriters are hard to find. Great ones are not only extremely rare, but also incredibly expensive. For example Jim Rutz charged you $100,000 before writing a sales-letter and on top of that take 5% of what the salesletter will produce.

Reason 2: When you learn how to do it you can often do a better job than most copywriter, because you know your products, your clients and your market better than any outside copywriter does.

Reason 3: When you know how to write great copy it's a lot easier to recognize good copywriters from the bad ones. If you are ever in need to hire a copywriter you will be able to pick the right ones. Without this skill you could lose thousands or tens of thousands if you pick the wrong person.

Reason 4: With the Irresistible headlines formula it really is a lot easier to learn than you can imagine. No more sweating over the keyboard for days or weeks. 1 day and when you have learned it your brain will produce brilliant headlines on autopilot.

This could be the answer to your marketing worries!
And for less than a good night out can you really afford
NOT to attend? Grab your spot now before it's too late

3 great reasons this seminar will improve your business.

1. Fire your ad agency and do it yourself.
(or at the very least reduce their work and save a bunch)

2. If you are thinking about a career as a 6 or even 7-figure copywriter this is your
best and most affordable way you will ever learn the most crucial part of adcopy writing.

3. Save money for google adwords and other pay pay click advertising.
You probably already know that the more people click on your google adwords the less
you will pay per click. Just with a few extra percent increase in your click through rate
will save your investment in this seminar in a matter of days or weeks. Creating google
adwords is almost entirely about writing good headlines.

If you are going to invest money in yourself and business this year,
this is the most effective use of your time and money.

I will Completely Rewire Your Brain to
Think Like a Worldclass Copywriter AND
At a Price That Is a Total No-Brainer

Even at the normal price this is worth the price many times over - but right nowI'm literally giving away my secrets for a price that are so low you would be crazy not to jump on this offer.

Why?? Because I want you to get an experience of the power of what I teach.
When you start succeeding with this you will want to get my other seminars and training programs. BUT I will make it even easier for you. Get your spot today and you will also get these amazing bonuses.

The 100 Most Powerful Headlines Ever written.
Timeless masterpieces from the some of the greatest marketers and copywriters of all times. Some of these headlines have produced millions and is a treasure trove for anyone wanting to improve their marketing.

Value $29 Instantly Downloadable For Free When You Join Today

Critique of 1 of your Headlines.
I will personally analyze one of your headlines and if there is any way it can become better I will give you at least 2 alternative versions.

Value $159 Free When You Join Today

Please... Don't Waste Your Money on Ineffective Ads and Marketing

Learn this priceless skill and once and for all to increase your response rates and profits

I'm so sure you will not only be completely happy with this seminar and what you learn, but you WILL also increase your profits significantly

After this seminar You Must Be Better at creating creating powerful headlines.

ALSO.. it must be far easier for you to come up with great ideas and concepts for headlines.

AND... You must be able to out pull the response rates of any headlines you have written before.

MOST IMPORTANTLY you must add more profits to your bottom line.

If not I'll rush you a full refund of every penny you have paid. Absolutely No Questions Asked.

Even in the unlikely event that it happens I will absolutely insist that you keep all the bonuses without any further obligation or cost.

That’s how confident I am that these ideas and strategies will put significant more profit into your bank account and transform your life!

If I hear from you today you this is what you will get.

  • ​Recording of the full day. Yours to access forever. Value $247
  • Live Intensive 1 day seminar in London/UK (Normal price $787)
  • The 100 most powerful headlines ever written (Normal price $29)
  • Critique of 1 of your headlines (Value $159)
  • TWO Live intensive value-packed webinars​ $87
  • Recording of the webinars... your to access forever. Value $47

A complete value of $1356 for a measly $787 today only $637

Please Understand: The Normal Price For this is $787
and you are only 1 of 30 people to get in at just $637
ONLY because I'm recording this for a home study course.

This is the last time I will offer this
training at this price ever again

  • Yes Patrick! I want to learn your super easy secret formula to
    crank out world-class profit pulling headlines like the masters and improve my marketing results. Please reserve my seat for the intensive live training program

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