The Ultimate Meetup Training is Finally Here


The Secret To Building Massive Meetups
That Generate You Hot Leads, Money and
Make You The Go-To Person In Your Niche

Two of the Worlds top meetup experts are
joining forces to help you build huge meetups


These are the priceless secrets you will learn in this one-off event

Module 1: Foundations For Mega Meetup Success.

  • How to choose a niche you can dominate.
  • How to create the best name that will appeal to the most people.
  • How to rank high in meetups own search engine.
    You can get a significant amount of traffic from meetups own traffic but only if you know how.
  • 4 things you MUST do BEFORE the meetup that will ensure people have a better experience and remember you.
  • What days of the week is best to have meetups and why
  • How to ensure your first meetup will be a huge success
  • A little trick to get people to give you good rankings.
  • Where and WHEN to get the best venues.
  • My personal most valuable contact in the London venue business.

Module 2: Monetizing Your Meetup:

  • The blueprint to creating a powerful PDF document that will wow potential sponsors. I learned these secrets from a guy that raised £1 MILLION in sponsorships.
  • How to get the most money from ticket sales.
  • 4 ways to make affiliate commission.
  • What type of affiliate services/products that will give you the biggest profit.

Module 3: Writing Compelling Words (Copywriting):

  • How to create event titles that make people pay attention and respond
  • Writing emails with ease that stands out
  • Our best email subject lines and why they worked.
  • How to write emails in a few minutes a day

Module 4: Mastering Meetup Marketing:

  • How to put your marketing on autopilot
  • Facebook PPC marketing secrets.
  • How to set up fb page;
  • What content works best.
  • How to create a lot of content without spending a lot of time
  • Where and how to promote it outside

Module 5: Creating Amazing Meetup Events:

  • The 2 things you must do to create an amazing experience for people that will make them talk about you and remember you forever.
  • How to exceed people’s expectations and blow them away.

Module 6: Easy Negotiation Tactics That Will Save You a Bundle:

  • How to get the price of venues down by 75% or more with 3 little mega easy tricks.
    I’ve gotten a room that was listed for £650 down to £150

    These negotiation tactics are so valuable you will save many times the price of the whole seminar. Use these tactics to negotiate ANYTHING… cars, appliances, rent. One young student used it to get his rent down from £110/week to £80/week. That’s a saving of £1560/year.

Module 7: Fantastic Follow Up Strategies:

  • Where and how to follow up to build strong even un-breakable relationships.
    This ensures you get more sales and get people to come back.
  • The things you MUST avoid when following up.
  • Two easy small unused tricks that wows people and make them fans.

    For most people following up is a complete waste of time. Start using these strategies and you are fast on the way to make your meetup a huge profitable success.

Module 8: Live Feedback:

We will analyze what you are doing over webinars looking at your overall strategies, titles and description of events, your email copy etc. etc. ... this could easily be the most valuable module of them all.

All webinars will be recorded for you to keep forever.

EVERY one of these modules are worth several times your full investment gold and you are guaranteed to boost your meetup group membership, attendance and profits.

When you book now you will also get a FREE membership in our inner circle for ONE YEAR... ask questions, get feedback and mastermind with the other members. PRICELESS VALUE... we normally charge £99, but you get it for FREE TODAY

So this is the amazing value you get:

  • Unedited recording of the live full intensive training day 
  • 6+ hours of webinars (will be recorded for your life time access)
  • 1 Year Membership of our inner Circle Facebook Group where you can connect with other meetup organizers, get feedback and ask questions

    Normally £99... Today FREE

    Right now you can get the super early bird ticket and save over $500

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