Discover A Formula To Creating Almost Irresistible Pitches That Get The Attention and Interest of Your Perfect Prospects in Seconds

And this formula could be yours today for less than
a night out in town... But You MUST Act Fast

From the desk of Patrick M. Powers ... Founder of Europe's BIGGEST Entrepreneurial meetup group

Dear Entrepreneurial Friend...

If you are tired of not getting any interest ...of going to networking event after event, please give this message your full attention ... because what you are about to learn could literally change your business and the results you get... overnight.

There are many things you can do to promote your business but there are only a few things that are absolutely crucial to your business success. One of these is to have An Irresistible Pitch

Huge Business Empires Have
Been Created On The Foundation
Of An Irresistible Pitch

The reason your pitch is so important is that it is so much more than " just a pitch".

You see... Your pitch needs to accomplish two things...
1) Get qualified prospects to take action.
2) Precisely communicate the essence of you, your business and/or your products and services.

Your pitch is what makes you stand out and separate yourself from the competition. If you don't catch people attention, they will never be interested and without interest hey will obviously never buy.

So understanding how to craft a pitch will impact your business on every level, from your website,to brochures, to your business card and how you will be perceived by people you meet face-to-face.

For 24 years I've been studying with some of the greatest marketing and sales minds in the world,testing and failing forward until I've found a way of combining several unique systems to get their attention. But I've discovered something that goes much further than that....

The battle is lost or won in seconds
In fact many times it's Lost even
BEFORE you make your Pitch

We all know that the first few seconds of meeting someone are incredibly vital -but what many don't know is that people will often make up their minds and hearts... on a subconscious level BEFORE you make your pitch. This is one of the main reason lots of people fail with traditional pitching methods... They only cover the actual pitch and not what you need to do before... to "prepare the ground" and make the person ready to listen to you with full their attention.

I will tell you exactly how to do this and many other techniques that will give you an upper hand at my intensive workshop called THE IRRESISTIBLE PITCH:


These are just a few of the things you will discover in this intensive workshop:

  • What You MUST DO BEFORE your pitch. This will dramatically increaseyour chances of getting any interest. Very few people do this but it's absolutely crucial.
  • The one understanding that will change everything for you and make you a world-class pitcher. I kid you not... learn this one thing and you will start to get much more prospects.
  • How to get people out of their "normal" trance and get them to focus on YOU. Let's be honest... people are not really interested in you or your message .. INITIALLY.You have to force them to focus on you and your message and I'm going to show you exactly how to do that.
  • What to do AFTER the pitch to get people to do what you want. As you will see further down this might be the single most important thing to do and no other pitching seminar will teach you this.

Lots of people think that being great at pitching is something you have to be born with. I can categorically say that is not true.... I used to be completely hopeless at getting attention, but I guarantee you too can become a great "pitcher" if you simply follow my simply proven formula.

But don't take my word for it... see here what people said about the pitching training I did recently. Please note these are testimonials from my more basic pitching training that I'm not doing anymore. The strategies and training you will get are far more advanced.

Sanjana Deb

Literally two hours before I arrived at the event, my web business went live and I became an entrepreneur for the very first time. The Perfect Pitch training was exactly what I needed. I learnt a lot, yes, but more than that I came away with confidence and direction. I got home and re wrote my customer acquisition pitches... I emailed x10 potential customers... all of theme have now registered on the site!

Your Perfect Pitch with Patrick M Powers was perfect! It was fun, educational, practical and enlightening. Patrick provided the exact information I've needed, not only for formal presentations, but also during networking events and other more informal conversations. I now have more confidence in how to present what I do, as well as the relevant pitch for different situations. A hundred times worth the investment. Thank you Patrick!!!

Maeve Crawford
Barbara Scalera

Your Perfect Pitch event was extremely useful for me! It highlighted exactly what was missing from my pitch - the "first step" call to action - which I can now see is a crucial piece in the conversion process. The advice on how to stay in control of the conversation and wrap it up was equally helpful. I will be revising both my in-person pitches as well as my written marketing from tomorrow, and am greatly looking forward to the positive results. Thanks for providing so much quality, implementable content in one evening and I'll look forward to reporting back some great results in the near future.

Lots of great information given by Patrick. The 'pitch' is probably one of the most difficult things to get right when talking about your business. This workshop gave lots of practical advice as to how best to approach a pitch. Very useful Patrick, thank you.

Sally Gilroy
Jonathan Hobday Sales Director,

We all have a pitch, but to pitch perfect requires analysis, structure, and practice. Following Patrick's crystal clear focus and definite formula creates unprecendented value in your message, your business, and for you. Can you afford not to take this course?

The Perfect Pitch delivered by Patrick was inspirational. It cut through the fog of what to say and how to say it. In 3 simple steps we were able to create our own pitches which were succinct, punchy and destined to get results. I can't wait to use these myself and pass them on to my team of franchisees.

Wendy Peterson
Lalita Gosai Mum's Tadka,

Patrick's content sung out to me. Content was clear, practical and inspiring. Great tips on how to keep control of the conversation and the way to end it. Love it! How awesome to know how to structure and impactful elevator speech. Putting one together was not as simple as I thought. But with the steps Patrick showed us, by the end of the evening I had full confidence in myself and how to approach my potential business partners. Those first 15 seconds is crucial to make an impact. Wow - that is so true but now I know HOW to go about it. Thank you.

Not only are my customers raving about my system, but the media are also starting to pay attention and I was really honoured to be on BBC recently to cover how to pitch and network effectively.

but... you may ask ... what makes this pitching training so special

Here Is What Makes The Irresistible Pitch 
Completely Unlike ANY 
Other Training On Pitching

Here is the problem with other training programs on pitching... the techniques you learn from them are simply designed to get attention and interest... but no matter how good a pitch is, most of the time people will not jump up and shout:

"Halleluja... where have you been all my life... can I please order 10"

People need a bit of "help" to take the next step... that's why I've designed a series of questions and statements that will not only identify if they are a qualified prospect, but get them to take the next step in your sales funnel... what ever that is...

Maybe you want them to...

  • Have a personal meeting with you to go over how you can solve their problems.
  • Have a conversation first over the phone.
  • Get a free consultation...
  • Accept a free trial from you.

Whatever it is you want them to do next, they will usually not do it simply because you have a fantastic pitch. That's why people that has taken other pitching trainings are left frustrated when they experience that the pitch they learned didn't do the trick.

I kid you not... It's the combination of my unique questions and my PROVEN Irresistible Pitch Formula that make this the most powerful pitching training that I'm aware of Anywhere on the planet.

In Fact... I'm So Certain That
The Irresistible Pitch
Will Increase Your Business
That I'm Willing To Prove It To You

Since you have been reading this far It must be because you understand the importance of having a powerful pitch so wait any longer... get your GREATLY discounted spot today before price increases.

Can your business survive without a great pitch?

Well I have of course no way of knowing - I know for sure that my business couldn't.

But I'm certain your business cannot THRIVE without a great pitch.

This is one of the most important skills I know of and you can get it now for less than
a good night out with the friends.

  • Imagine being able to almost effortlessly create pitches that instantly get attention of your perfect prospects.
  • Imagine no more tearing your hair out trying to figure out what to say
  • Imagine being able to beat your competitors and get the attention you deserve

That's exactly what you can expect from the secrets you are going to learn at the Irresistible pitch LIVE in London.

And with the price this low just think about how few more customers you would need to make a profit back from this system.

And Remember...
With The Full 150 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee
It's Impossible To Go Wrong With This

I promise you will not find a better system for pitching and getting interest from qualified prospects than The Irresistible Pitch. Register below now to get these priceless secrets at an incredible discount.

Thanks for listening - now it's your turn

Patrick M. Powers

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