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1) I don’t like MLM

2) I don’t like selling

3) I’ve tried it before and it didn’t work

4) My uncle tried it and it didn’t work

5) It’s too expensive

6) My friends wouldn’t be interested.

7) It’s a pyramid scheme

8) I don’t know anyone that would be interested

9) I don’t have the time

10) I don’t think I can do it. 


11) I don’t have the Money to get started

12) It’s too late for me to be on the top of the pyramid.

13) It’s a scam…. If it was “real”, it would be in the shops.

14) I have to think about it

15) I eat healthy and I don’t need to lose any weight.”

16) Only people at the top make any money.”

17) I have to ask my spouse

18) There is too much competition

19) People in my area/my friends are just not into X.