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It was embarrassing… WELL … CRINGE-WORTHY ACTUALLY… I had just delivered a pitch to a small group of people and you could just hear crickets… and then I heard the dreaded:

“Thanks you so much for coming. We will get back to you…”

But I knew they weren’t coming back… I could see the facial expressions showed no interest what so ever. I left with the tail between my legs… but something in me changed that day. 

You see, I was running my business part time and had a full time job that I hated with a passion. That day I made a decision that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH… I’m ready for the big time now and I’m willing to do whatever it takes.

Frantically I started buying books and training programs to find the secrets to a pitch that actually works and it took me a surprising amount of digging. 

Why most pitching methods don't work

What I found is that most of the pitching frameworks that are taught today are pretty useless to the average business owner. Some of them are WAY too complicated and really only suited for making very complex deals in the tens or hundreds of millions.  Some of them are too simplistic and will never work unless you are already a famous brand or have deep trust with your audience already.  

But after testing and combining dozens of models I finally cracked the code to making pitching work for the average business.  After that my business literally took off! Within 3 months I was part time in my job AND within 7 months I was free of my stinky job. 

My Business Did In Fact So Well That I Semi-Retired And Moved To
Spain And The Caribbean And All Kinds Of Other Cool Places

It’s 17 years ago I had my breakthrough. I’ve now built the 2nd biggest business meetup in the world. Ever since then I’ve been studying the greatest marketing and persuasion minds in the world. I’ve been testing to continue refining my pitch formula and Im really proud announce The Irresistible Pitch 2.0 and I’m going to let you try it for FREE. Get started now

This is Truly The Most Powerful Pitch I have ever Used and I want you To Try It Out For FREE!!

So why a free trial… Simple really.. about 7 years ago I did a training called The Perfect Pitch. As you will see below, participants were raving about it… But I wasn’t quite happy with it. I knew it could be better and that it was not completely applicable to any situation. 

YES I admit it … I’m a bit of a perfectionist, but that’s going to play to your advantage. Because for the last several years I’ve been tweaking and perfecting the model that was already working really well… and now after testing it I’m so certain ANY business will be able to significantly boost their sales with this simple model. I know you will be so blown away by the value of this program and the results you get, that you will want to continue after 30 days for the full 3 months of the program.   

AND if its not your cup of tea, no hard feelings.  Simply let me know within 27 days that it was not what you expected and you will never be charged.. and you can still keep all the material and bonuses you have received. 

How is it that for fair?

Check out what people said about the first version of this training
(Bear in mind…you are getting a much more powerful version)

Your Perfect Pitch event was extremely useful for me!  I will be revising both my in-person pitches as well as my written marketing from tomorrow, and am greatly looking forward to the positive results. Thanks for providing so much quality, implementable content in one evening and I’ll look forward to reporting back some great results in the near future.

Barbara Scalera

Your Perfect Pitch with Patrick M Powers was perfect! It was fun, educational, practical and enlightening. I now have more confidence in how to present what I do, as well as the relevant pitch for different situations. 

A HUNDRED TIMES worth the investment. Thank you Patrick!!!

Maeve Crawford

Literally two hours before I arrived at the event, my web business went live and I became an entrepreneur for the very first time. The Perfect Pitch training was exactly what I needed.

I got home and re-wrote my customer acquisition pitches… I emailed x10 potential customers… all of theme have now registered on the site!.

Sanjana Deb

We all have a pitch, but to pitch perfect requires analysis, structure, and practice. Following Patrick’s crystal clear focus and definite formula creates unprecedented value in your message, your business, and for you. 

Can you afford not to take this course?

Jonathan Hobday

The Perfect Pitch delivered by Patrick was inspirational. It cut through the fog of what to say and how to say it. In 3 simple steps we were able to create our own pitches which were succinct, punchy and destined to get results. I can’t wait to use these myself and pass them on to my team of franchisees.

Wendy Peterson 

Lots of great information given by Patrick. The ‘pitch’ is probably one of the most difficult things to get right when talking about your business. 

This workshop gave lots of practical advice as to how best to approach a pitch. Very useful Patrick, thank you.

Sally Gilroy 

Huge Business Empires Have Been Created On The Foundation Of An Irresistible Pitch

If you are tired of not getting any interest from your prospects or investors. If you are tired of doing video after video with little or no results… If you are fed up with seeing competitors with inferior products and services succeed while you are struggling, what you are about to learn could literally change your business and the results you get… almost overnight. 

There are many things you can do to promote your business and increase sales, but there are only a few things that
are absolutely crucial to your business success. One of these is to have An Irresistible Pitch. 

Your pitch is what makes you stand out and separate yourself from the competition. Done correctly it will get and keep attention and build the desire and trust needed for people to take action.  

Understanding how to craft a strong pitch will impact your business on every level, from your website, to brochures, to your business card and how you will be perceived by people you meet face-to-face.

Your pitch will impact at least Five Key areas of your Business and Bottomline

Video Pitches

I’ve been saying for the last decade that video marketing is the future. If you dont embrace video marketing ASAP you will be outcompeted by someone who does. The irresistible pitch gives you the perfect framework for not only creating powerful video pitches but better content in general.  

Live Videos

Live Broadcasts has the HIGHEST engagement of any online marketing media. And the great thing about Live Video is that Facebook WANTS you to succeed with them.

Their algorithms are heavily tilted towards live video. Linkedin is currently in beta for their live video and will soon rollout to everyone


Do you ever struggle to get attention and generate leads from networking. 

You will learn a simple framework to stand out and look like a pro in any networking setting. You will not need the full 10 step framework for networking but a simplified 4 step model.  

Sales Pitches

People are more skeptical than ever and it’s harder to keep attention than ever.

But with the “The Irresistible Pitch” you will be able to get attention and hold it, while building trust and driving up desire to get your audience to take action.

Funding Pitches

When the stakes are high, having an irresistible pitch is crucial. 

Take the guess-work out of creating the pitch that could change your life with the Irresistible Pitch Framework  

And This Skill Could be yours today for less than a good night out in town… AND I will even let you test drive it for 30 days for FREE TODAY.

But You MUST Act Fast. Once I have about 30 testimonials the door will be permanently closed on this incredible offer – Join here now for FREE

What Makes This Different Than ANY other pitching training? 

I know you can’t wait a long time for this to work. You need SALES NOW! That’s why I’ve created this program with SPEED in mind. You should be able to create your own irresistible pitch in a few hours from now. The rest of the training program is to ensure that your pitch is polished to perfection. 

Use it for short 5 minute pitches, or for a 45 minute pitch… you REALLY can use this to sell anything to anyone in ANY situation. You will even learn how make a super short version for networking situations. 

Even though this is easy to learn I know it can be very confusing to learn any new material .. 
I’m going to be here for you through the whole process to make sure you get a result.

As I mentioned earlier most pitching frameworks are either too simple or too complex for the average business. The Irresistible Pitch combines simplicity, with maximum power and is specifically made with the small to medium sized business in mind.    

Can your business survive without a great pitch?

Well I have of course no way of knowing – I know for sure that my business couldn’t. But I know your business can’t THRIVE without a great pitch. This is one of the most important skills you will ever learn and now you can get it for less than a good night out with the friends. 

It’s taken 17 years and over £120,000 in training, mentoring, testing and tweaking to give you one of the most powerful skills you can posess.  Just imagine this… 


So what’s included in The Irresistible Pitch?
In essence, everything you need to create the most powerful pitch of your life.


An Instantly downloadable PDF workbook with the irresistible pitch 11 step frame work.   

6 x Live 90 minute webinars going deep into the principles that make this work.

Feedback on your video pitches or powerpoint to ensure they are the best they can be. 

Recording of the webinars for you to access forever so you can repeat it until it’s second nature for you.

Access to FB group with tips and tricks for THREE months

Unlimited Q and A for Three months 

And Remember… Since you Get a Free Trial for 30 days
It’s Impossible To Go Wrong With This

You either Improve Your Pitching Skills DRAMATICALLY or it’s FREE 



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BTW a powerful pitch doesn’t just impact your bottomline. If you REALLY want to make the world hear your message and make a big impact you need an Irresistible pitch! Can’t wait to share The irresistible Pitch with you and give you this much sought after “SUPER-POWER” . 

Thanks For visiting, and see you on the other side. 

Rooting for you  – Patrick M. Powers

About Patrick M. Powers: UK's Influence Expert

For over 20 years, Patrick has been teaching entrepreneurs and leaders, how to create more freedom, success and happiness, through applying advanced principles and tactics of influence to their marketing, ads, presentations,  leadership and social interactions.

He is obsessed with creating irresistible messages that stand out, create trust and compel people to action, to maximize influence and profits in sales-funnels. 

As the founder or the world’s 2nd biggest business meetup group with over 27,000 members he is one of the most connected business people in London. 

He is the author of several highly acclaimed books and has been featured on BBC, Forbes and is an almost weekly guest on some of the world’s biggest podcasts. He is also a popular speaker and has spoken to audiences of up to 7,000 people.