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A Seismic Marketing Shift Has Happened and The Oncoming Tsunami is Approaching Quickly! Are YOU prepared?  

From the desk of Patrick M. Powers – Weybridge, Surrey.

Dear Business Builder.

We all know that social media has changed a lot, but there is a different and more important shift that not many are aware of yet. You see over the last decade deeper and deeper studies into the wonders of our brain has revealed that it is deeply irrational. This has of course been known for a long time, but the latest science shows that it is irrational to a degree previously unknown.

It is of course crucial to know to create marketing messages that as attractive as ice-cream to a sugar addict… and that is of course what we want to do with our marketing right?

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See you on the other side… in the meantime, have an amazing day and may the high conversion be with you. – Patrick M. Powers