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NO-BS Business Coaching From a Guy Who Has Built Multiple ACTUAL Businesses.

(Hint. Most business coaches have very rarely built any actual businesses apart from their coaching business. Some of them have fancy diplomas, but couldn’t build a real business to save their grandmas life) 

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So... what should you really be looking for in a business coach?

Of course, I can’t tell you exactly what you should be looking for in a business coach. Everyone’s situation is unique, but if I was looking for a business coach, I would be looking for these 4 things:

Entrepreneur and Business Coach; Patrick M. Powers

1) Track-record of exceptional REAL world Results:

And I’m not talking merely about results with coaching clients but with ACTUALLY building REAL scalable businesses outside of their coaching business.

2) Have extensive experience with ALL the 4 main keys to business success.

Business success is really about mastering 4 main skillsets: Mindset, marketing, sales and leadership.

But a lot of business coaches focus almost entirely on mindset. Most have never built a real marketing campaign. They never had to lead anyone because their coaching business is a one-man band. They only have experience with coaching from courses and not actual business experience in the real world.

3) Someone that will challenge you

A great coach is someone who will give it to you straight and is passionate about getting you results… not just making you feel good about yourself.

That means someone who is willing to challenge you and not to let you get away with your BS holding you back.

4) Many years of experience

Real Deep insight comes after thousands of coaching hours. Choose a coach that has passed the test of time. Experience matters.

So… why should I be your next business coach and why am I possibly the best in London?

Well, take a look below. Here are 12 reasons I believe I’m your guy.

1) Founder of the world’s 2nd biggest business meetup.

I not only have perspectives and insights from several of my own businesses, but I constantly gain unique insights from hundreds of my 29,000+ members on a regular basis. I started this meetup group when I was utterly broke and in 3 years built it into the biggest business meetup in Europe and it has now become the 2nd biggest business meetup in the world.  

2) I built a business that enabled me to retire at 36.

I started a business with £200 that did over £2 million in turnover in the first year. More importantly within 10 months I was able to semi-retire to the Caribbean. For a while I lived the life of sipping martinis on the beach until I realized it’s not the secret to happiness. But the fact is I’ve built the kind of business most people want.

3) I get results quickly.

I don’t focus on fancy-schmancy strategies that are costly or takes a long time to implement. We will identify the low hanging fruit first and get you some quick wins. That way you will have confidence in me and my methods so we can start working on the truly transformational stuff.

4) 100% Guaranteed results.

As long as you follow my directions and the systems I give you, you will start to grow your business and you will get more leads quicker with less effort and money.    

If against my expectations you don’t get any results I will personally write your ads and sales funnels and it that doesnt work (and it will) I will happily refund your whole investment.  


5) I know a thing or two about making dramatic and quick changes.

I have overcome challenges that would make tough guys cry.

For example:

– I’ve been so broke, I couldn’t afford a ticket for the tube train. Yet in a short time after I built the biggest business meetup in Europe and have become one of the most connected people in London.

– I’ve overcome incredible shyness and fear of public speaking  – I now regularly speak in front of hundreds of people and have addressed audiences as big as 7,000 people.

– Most of my life until I was 46, I was morbidly obese but after deciding that I was going to lose weight I lost about 150 pounds in 18 months.

– I’ve even overcome severe depression and anxiety and have built an unstoppable mindset.

So, what I’m saying here is that I can relate to almost any challenges you are going through and help you turn them around.

6) I’m very practical.

We will focus on strategies and tactics that are quick and easy to implement. Theory can be good but if you are unable to translate it into action it’s no good.

I not only have perspectives and insights from several of my own businesses, but I constantly gain unique insights from hundreds of my 28,000+ members on a regular basis. I started this meetup group when I was utterly broke and in 3 years built to into the biggest business meetup in Europe and it has now become the 2nd biggest business meetup in the world.  

7) I will fight for you and your dreams

I’ve lost decades of my life to my own internal BS and lack of belief and knowhow. I know how it feels to be frustrated, maybe even afraid of the future of your business.

Because of this I will relentlessly fight to remove whatever obstacle is in the way of getting to your goals, even if it’s your own resistance to change.

8) Become part of my big network

Having access to the right people is the ultimate shortcut to success. Other coaches talk about having a large network without quantifying what that actually means. At the point of writing I have 29,011 members in my entrepreneurial meetup group. Of those there are many multi-millionaires, celebrity entrepreneurs and even a billionaire.

9) Expert on lead-generation and increasing sales conversion.

The lifeblood of any business is leads and being able to convert them profitably into sales is the foundation for a successful business.

This is what I do for clients on a daily basis. I eat, breath and sleep marketing campaigns that convert.

10) I won’t just make you feel better.. I’ll get you bottom-line result.

As opposed to many other coaches, we will not just focus on increasing your belief in yourself or making you feel better. We will certainly do that if it’s necessary, but we will mainly focus on
hard-core money-making transformational strategies that translates into results on your bottom-line.

And trust me… once you have the bottom-line results you WILL feel better for sure.

11) Works for any type of business in any industry

I’m more than a one trick pony I’ve worked in many different industries and have extensive experience with the 4 main keys to success: Mindset, leadership marketing and sales. My me

12) I have been coaching for a LONG time.

Unlike lots of coaches I’ve been around the block and coached thousands of people for almost 2 decades. Experience matters.

13) Use forever what you learn today.

As oppposed to some other coaches I’m not going to focus on teaching you stuff that will be irrelevant in a few years. My marketing methods are platform agnostic so they can be used in ANY type of marketing situation no matter what changes will happen in the world. What I teach about personal power and overall business strategies can be use now and in 100 years.   

14) Finally, I have an excellent reputation among clients and in the media.

Below are just a few of my clients sharing their experience with me and my work. If you want more examples just let me know. 

What you will NEVER get with me!

– You will never get any untested methods from me. All my methods I’m
recommending are field tested and proven.

– We will not use any “fancy-schmancy” strategies that requires big budget or a lot of time to get results.

– I will never sell you on a solution if I’m not 100% certain I can help you. In several cases when I talk with people I have referred them to someone in my network, If i didn’t think I was the coach for them. 

What my clients say about me

“With Pat’s secrets I launched my womens networking group to over 500 members with over 160 people registered for our very first event in just over 2 months on a ZERO budget.

On top of that in the same period I was interviewed on a live radio-show and by 2 newspapers.

I doubt you will find a better marketing expert in Europe than Patrick Powers and he is totally committed to your results.”

Svietlana Lavrentidi

“Bringing in Patrick to improve our lead generation was one of the best decision as the results speaks for themselves.

He transformed our Facebook campaign from £1 per click to £0.19p per click. In a matter of weeks the number of leads increased from 2 per day to over 8 per day. Also our website hits flew from 40 per day to over 200 hits per day.

He knows what he is doing and can be trusted to always deliver on time. As a result of working with him, we have already saved thousands of pounds in marketing spend.”

Junior Ogunyemi 

“Patrick Completely transformed the way we communicated to market.

Our message was too confusing and chaotic and he made us stop and think about the important aspects of our business and brought a lot of clarity.

Since we made the changes we have doubled the company twice in 2 years.

Jonathan Hobday

Patrick Powers is simply a marketing and business growth genius.

I hired him to set up a lead gen funnel and within one week I closed 2,800 with zero cost.
I have 2 more clients potentially closing based on the first weeks effort.

Not only that but this was just a small test so when we scale i expect to be fully booked in a month.

Michael  Ringer

“I’m so glad i met Patrick . He was the missing link and he over-delivers. I now have ample leads and have already seen a return on my investment. 

I now have 32 paying clients and I’m being asked to speak at events.

Get Patrick in your corner and you will be where you want to be in a very short space of time.”

sales trainer paul atherton

Paul Atherton 

The first day I used Patrick system I closed £4000 worth of business.
He has transformed my life and business and we haven’t even implemented a third of the strategies we are going to in the next 3 months.

Before Patrick I tried so many things and taken so much different training but none of it worked.

Pat is simply a business genius and if you are looking to aggressively grow your business, he’s your guy.

James Porritt 

2 reasons I’m NOT the coach for you.

I will probably not be the right choice for you if:

1) You are overly Sensitive

Success often lies on the other side of a precise and well meaning kick in the butt. I’ll be as gentle as I can, but I will not hide the truth from you if you need to hear it.

2) You have over 100 employees.

There are probably coaches and mentors out there who have more experience in scaling businesses this size. I know the small business owner and their challenges intimately, but if you are more than 100 employees you are probably better served with someone else. (unless you want to work on something specific like overcoming fear of public speaking or anxiety)

What will happen as a result of coaching with me

Your challenges are unique and we will focus exactly on where you get the most results quickly. I will cut to the chase and VERY quickly identify where your Achilles heel is, and I will help you turn that into a strength.

However, just to give you an idea, here are some of the specific results you can typically expect from my coaching.

–  You will learn a tested proven process for getting attention and attracting ideal leads, clients and customers in ANY industry. 

– You should be able to raise your prices significantly. 

– Your messaging will be crystal clear which means that your prospects will immediate get what you are about and be attracted to you. 

– We will develop a unique value proposition that will stand out like a bright beacon for your prospects and is so strong it builds a moat around your business and protects you from attacks from competitors. 

– You can expert your motivation and personal power to increase.

– You will be able to break through limitations holding you back from your full potential

– You will start to reach your goals or smash them ahead of time.  

– You will be able to free up time. We will focus on strategies that are truly
scalable and can give you the freedom and impact you always wanted.
– You will spend far less time procrastinating and far more time taking focused action. 
– You will be able to pitch and present like a pro with confidence and impact whether on camera or in front of a live audience. Say goodbye to public speaking fear forever. 
– You will be able to get a  higher click-through rate in all your marketing campaigns which means lower ad spend. 
– You will understand how to create a simple pitch that sells like hot-cakes.  
– You will become power-networker being able to connect with people anywhere
whether online or in the real world and build trust quickly.  

– You will understand exactly how to create an unforgettable impact on people you meet so you
will stand out as a pro and obvious choice for them.

And much much more. Every coaching program is built around your needs and your unique business situation so we might be covering something totally different.

Ok… so this is it. I’ve told you why I think I’m a great choice for you as your business coach. Obviously there is no way for you to really tell until you get to know me better… so why not see for yourself if we are good match? Get a free session with me to see how we work together.

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Who is Patrick M. Powers

For over 20 years, Patrick has been helping entrepreneurs and leaders create more freedom, success and happiness, through applying advanced principles and tactics of influence to their marketing, ads, presentations,  leadership and social interactions.

He is obsessed with creating irresistible messages that stand out, create trust and compel people to action, to maximize influence and profits in sales-funnels. Having dealt with and overcome anxiety and fear of public speaking he is passionate about helping people break their fears and build the beliefs their need to create their ultimate dreams

As the founder or the world’s 2nd biggest business meetup group with almost 29,000 members he is one of the most connected business people in London. 

He is the author of several highly acclaimed books and has been featured on BBC, Forbes and is a regular guest on some of the world’s biggest podcasts. He is also a popular speaker and has spoken to audiences of up to 7,000 people.