Get Direct Feedback On all your Marketing Pieces By Top Marketing Expert 

Shortcut Years of Frustration and Expensive Testing

Pay a fraction of what you would normally pay for coaching

Dear Ambitious Business Owner…

If you are tired of ads and marketing campaigns that don’t perform… lf you are frustrated about the cost of
testing many versions of marketing only with lackluster results and you want to have answers to what works FAST, without paying a lot money for consultants, you have just stumbled into the best value for money way to get the insights needed to take your business to the next level. 

The Fastest Way To Grow

Training is obviously necessary to win in business today… but have you ever gone from a training and been confused about how to implement what you learned? I sure have. So having someone by your side to let you know what will work and what wont is priceless and can cut years off your learning. That’s why ALL successful business owners even Bill Gates, have coaches or mentors.

But excellent coaches and consultants are naturally expensive and for some, my personal coaching and masterminds are out of their range.

That’s why I created Marketing Transformation Club – I wanted to create something of tremendous value to help small business owners like you make quick wins and get you to a level where you can get some more freedom. The focus is to help you fix your marketing and start generating more leads and increased profits QUICKLY.

This is going to be our focus together
in the Marketing Transformation club

Identify strategies and tactics that can add at least a few more thousands in monthly profits

 Maximize conversion in every step of your sales-funnel 

 Spot your blind-spots and fix errors quickly

Help you create headlines that are Irresistible to your market place

Design sales-funnels that FINALLY work and create sustainable profits. 

Scale much faster, more predictably and with less stress. 


It’s not about complicated methods or expensive methods that you can only implement if you have a big budget. In fact almost all of my techniques can be used without increasing your current budget even if that is ZERO.   

It’s not about branding that only works months or years down the line. My methods works FAST even on a rock-bottom budget. You see… I understand the situation you are in because I’ve been there – I know you need answers NOW and you don’t have tons of money to test. The Marketing Transformation Club is created specifically with small businesses in mind that have limited budget and a huge desire to grow.  


When you join my Marketing Transformation Club I personally guarantee that you will get your ROI and more. To ensure results and enough time for personal feedback there will be MAX 25 members per webinar group. Similar groups costs hundreds a month and to get my personal advice is at least £350/per hour.  


Don't Listen to Me. Listen To The Results

“I’m so glad i met Patrick . He was the missing link and he over-delivers.

I now have ample leads and have already seen a return on my investment. I now have 32 paying clients and I’m being asked to speak at events. 

Get Patrick in your corner and you will be where you want to be in a very short space of time.”

sales trainer paul atherton


The results speaks for themselves. Patrick transformed our Facebook campaign from £1 per click to £0.19p per click In a matter of weeks. The number of leads increased from 2 per day to over 8 per day. Also our website hits flew from 40 per day to over 200 hits per day.

He can be trusted and always delivers on time. As a result of working with him, we have already saved thousands of pounds in marketing spend.”


“Patrick Completely transformed the way we communicated to market.

Our message was too confusing and chaotic and he made us stop and think about the important aspects of our business and brought a lot of clarity.

Since we made the changes we have doubled the company twice in 2 years.


Thank you!!!! After just 10 minutes with you I already had implementable tools to improve my content AND I was already thinking about new content!

Exciting content I KNOW my ideal client will love! The rest of the training only continued to blow my mind. I see it everywhere now, and I’m practicing in my writing, but also how I talk to people – I’m learning to play and practice it and it’s so much fun!

Thanks for making marketing fun! I can’t wait to learn more from you!


Life coach

Patrick Powers is simply a marketing and business growth genius.

I hired him to set up a lead gen funnel and within one week I closed £2,800 with zero cost. I have 2 more clients potentially closing based on the first weeks effort.

Not only that but this was just a small test so when we scale I expect to be fully booked in a month. 

Michael Ringer LION Sales Training

“With Pat’s secrets I launched my womens networking group to over 500 members with over 160 people registered for our very first event in just over 2 months on a ZERO budget.

On top of that in the same period I was interviewed on a live radio-show and by 2 newspapers.

I doubt you will find a better marketing expert in Europe than Patrick Powers and he is totally committed to your results.”





My promise to you is that if you follow my advice you will increase your conversion rates and profits significantly. You will generate more leads and turn more of them into buying customers that you keep for longer. You will probably also lower your click price of any online ads you are running.  

If against our expectations this doesn’t happen.. or if for ANY REASON what so ever, you don’t feel you are getting far more value than your low investment please let us know and we will promptly refund your full investment. No hard feelings. 

Can I be any fairer? With that in mind please accept my more than generous offer to join the Marketing Transformation Club for LESS than half the regular price.

Right now get 50% off the regular price of £157/month and pay only £77 per month for as long as you want… The price will never increase for you… only other people will have to pay a higher price. 
(and leave at anytime you want)