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How Marketing Has Changed and Why
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Business has only two basic functions - Marketing and Innovation. Everything else is a cost.

- Peter Drucker (The father of modern management)
IN 1886 German engineer Karl Benz was awarded the patent for what is regarded
to be the world’s first Automobile. (Called a motor wagon back then)

But it started out a failure because there wasn’t really any need for it. You see, without infrastructure, especially smooth roads, it was not as useful as the current technology, which was horses and trains.

So people only saw it as a novelty and Karl didn’t manage to sell a single one for two years. All his hard work seemed in vain and close to bankruptcy he fell he into a deep depression.

Karl was a brilliant engineer, but had no marketing chops, but fortunately his wife Bertha did. She really believed in him and his Motor-wagon, so she planned to stage a PR stunt that would turn out to be the beginning of a revolution. One morning she sneaked out without Karl knowing and….

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The World’s First Automobile invented by Karl Benz  

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