MLM is exploding around the world… so why is your team not growing? Here are.. 

The Seven Reasons Your MLM Business Is Not Growing!

You have been lied to… Mindset is NOT the biggest key to success in MLM!

After 14 years of failure and struggle in 15+ companies I FINALLY figured out the keys to success in MLM and retired in the Caribbean after just 9 months working part-time.  


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The unlikely story of super shy guy who built a team of 10,000 people and retired in style in the caribbean

It’s pretty crazy… I actually used to be Super shy… yet I still built a team of 10,000 people and became the #1 European Distributor in my Company. 

And NOT because I had a great mindset, outgoing personality or the gift of the gab. On the contrary… you would have to look far and wide to find anyone that was more shy, introverted and outright anxious around people than the old me!

They say mindset is the biggest secret to success... but this is a dangerous lie that keeps people from the real truth

Actually, I succeeded in SPITE of my mindset… I didn’t even really believe in myself… but after 14 years of searching I finally found and APPLIED the right tactics and strategies. And then things turned around for me VERY VERY fast.

IN fact… and I can hardly believe this, at my first presentation with a new company I just joined 4 days prior, I had 7 people at the presentation and ALL 7 signed up.


To my own amazement, within 1 year my team had 4,500 people! (and I even semi-retired after 9 months.) The second year it kept growing like wildfire to 10,000 people while i was mostly sipping Martinis on the beach in the Caribbean. I’m not proud of becoming so lazy, but after decades of struggling with jobs that I hated, I felt I needed it.

And to be honest, I deserved it. Because I had implemented SYSTEMS that allowed my teams to grow with very little involvement on my side. I even won awards in the company, went on paid trips to Hawaii and cruises in the Caribbean, AFTER I more or less stopped working. 

SO what about you? My guess is that you are here because you have a real burning desire to change your life, to have more freedom, less stress and make a bigger impact. But you have yet to see any significant or consistent results in your MLM career so far.

If you feel it’s time… if you are ready for the big time in MLM, I have some serious insights you need to hear. 

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About Patrick Powers

Award winning network marketer and founder of the worlds’ 2nd biggest business meetup group with over 28,000 members.

He is also an author, speaker coach and mentor who is on a mission to help people free themselves from the trap of active income. He has been featured on BBC 3 times, been interviewed Forbes and many of the world’s biggest podcasts including MLM nation and Entrepreneur in fire.

Also authored several books on network marketing and co-authored a 

His experience come from overcoming real struggle. Having battled with severe obesity, social anxiety and crippling self doubt he has overcome every single challenge. He lost 160 pounds that he has kept off for 6 years, he has overcome his social anxiety and become one of the most well-known networkers in the UK. At age 36 he became financially free and moved to one his dream locations in the Caribbean.

Since then, he has been using his simple systems to create extraordinary results for average people and small businesses, proving that it’s not about where you start out, but simply about knowing and implementing the right systems.