Pat’s Copywriting Gem # 1: Flip haters into buyers.

Discover the secrets to standing out in a crowded market

Dear Empire Builder.

This weeks copywriting gem is an analysis of a brilliant bullet point made by Ben Settle. Here it is:

  • How to “flip” haters into raving fans and buyers. (Marvel Comics accidentally discovered this in the late 80’s, and it works like magic for keeping audiences
    coming back for more of your marketing pitches. Bonus benefit: It creates the best customers you’ll ever deal with.
Ok so here are my notes on why this works so well.

1. Notice the word “flip”. An Average copywriter would probably have used the word “Turn”. “FLIP” is a much better option simply because it’s not used as much.. When its unusual it gets noticed. It ALSO sounds like “flipping” is an easier process than “turning”.

2. By mentioning that a famous company discovered it gives credibility Moreover the fact that they stumbled upon it implies that it’s not very logical and therefore you probably can’t force your grey matter to figuring this one out.

3. Elaborating on the benefit that it creates the best customers ever, ads even more intrigue and desire.

As always… think about how you can use this bullet and “flip it” around and use it with your benefits and products.

Until next time dear empire builder… Take action and keep smiling.

PS: Get ready for our collection of the worlds best bullet points… dollar for dollar pound for pound it will be the most valuable information you have ever invested in.

Hope this was helpful. Wishing you a mega meetup building day.

Patrick M. Powers


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