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From the desk of Patrick Powers

Dear Entrepreneur!

We live in a crazy world…. And unfortunately I’m not just talking about the Covid situation. I’m talking about that misinformation and lies are running rampant and spreading like… well.. like a virus really.

It’s so hard to know what’s true today and this is even the case when it comes to business and marketing training.

Socalled experts doesnt even seem to know which direction to take. One moment they say you need to learn Instagram.. then the next moment it’s pay per click ads – then it’s… whatever they want you to buy into.

But there is ONE THING… THE ONE THING THAT ALL the marketing gurus, if pressed about it in private will admit is practically the only thing you should really be focusing on.

Even Russel Brunson, the founder of Click funnels admitted it recently 

It’s the ONE thing that will make ALL your marketing work whether it’s email marketing, facebook ads, landing pages, google PPC,  your pitches, video presentations…. literally ALL aspects of your marketing is affected by this.

Who Is Your Trainer?

Patrick M. Powers is the founder of the worlds 2nd largest business meetup group with almost 28,000 members.

He is an author on several books on marketing and influence and one of the most connected people in London.    

His passion is helping small medium sized business owners be seen, be trusted and be remembered so they can scale faster and create more freedom for themselves. 

What you are going to learn is the secret behind a $1.7 BILLLION a year company that make allgooroos” bragging about their £5-10 million/year look like rank amateurs .

It’s a largely misunderstood subject but I’m going to pull back the veil and reveal the truth about what it is and how you can utilize it to gain an unfair advantage

You know… It’s tough being an entrepreneur… I’ve certainly had my share of challenges. But it’s practically impossible reaching your entrepreneurial dreams without knowing this secret. It has changed EVERYTHING for me and my clients.

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Rooting for you - Patrick M. Powers