BRILLIANT... You session is booked!

Make sure you add the call to your calendar and arrive on time for your session

IMPORTANT: To ensure you get the most out of the call please pay attention to the following:

1. We’ve set aside 50 minutes of our time to speak with you.

Your time is very valuable, and so is ours. Therefore please ensure:

– You will be in distraction-free place where you can focus.
– That you are in front of a computer
– That you can take notes

We have families too and understand distractions happen, but try to be in a place where you can pay full attention to get the most value possible out the call.

2. The second thing that will really help maximize the benefit of the call is if you:

– Prepare for us a 3 month, 6 month and a 1 year goal of what you really want to accomplish in your business in these time-frames.

3. The third thing to have in mind is:

– Your number one marketing concern or challenge right now in your business.

We will be going over those things with you and give you a strategic game plan on what you can do, whether we could possibly work with you or not, and the action steps needed this year in order to be able to reach your goals.

Looking forward to our session

Until then... have an amazing day and may the high conversion be with you.
Patrick M. Powers