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The 3 things you MUST have to be a successful entrepreneur.

I recently asked a question to our community of entrepreneurs about what held them back from going to the next level. I was shocked about the amount of people answered some variations of: Need more government support… or less government intervention.

I have 3 words to say about that: SCREW THE GOVERNMENT. Real entrepreneurs don’t need government support. They will find solutions no matter what. However they do do need 3 things.

1) A fighting spirit to keep on going no matter what. Whatever the obstacle you face you have to find a way around it, under it, over it or… you blow it up. You don’t sit and wait for things to get better or for the government to help you or get out of the way.

2) Connections. The more connected the better and the more locally the connections are the better. This should be obvious – but unfortunately many people don’t understand the value of connections.

3) Cutting edge know-how. Lets be real – you will not get the knowledge you need from any school. You need the kind of street smart know-how you can only get from real-life experience or from learning from people with real life experience.

These are the 3 things we aim to give you at Entrepreneurs in London. And our goal is do it better than anybody else in London. I hope I’ll see you soon at one of our events.

BTW there is an event on Saturday where you will get to meet and learn from 5 entrepreneurs that combined have built businesses worth hundreds of millions. It’s not our own event, but I go every time anyway because I learn the kind of real life experience that turns into money. I hope I’ll see you there – it’s a whole day training and there are tons of great people to get connected with.

Have a brilliant day – Patrick M. Powers

PS: BTW just so you know it… the above statement about the government was not a political statement about our current government. I couldn’t care less who’s in charge of the country. I’M in charge of MY destiny no matter who people vote for.

Patrick M.

Patrick is the founder of the worlds 2nd biggest business meetup and a marketing influence strategist specializing in lead generation, copywriting and sales-funnel conversion.