“It has been my experience that every once in a while, a book comes out that is extraordinary and really helps the reader. “Turn Your Contacts into Cash” is that kind of a book for this generation of Business Networkers. It alters the way we should look at networking and it shows the how to “standout” from everyone else. After reading “Turn Your Contacts into Cash” you will have an unfair advantage over all of your competition.

Ken Varga
North Americas #1 insurance agent. 
Founder of 32 companies with over 6.5 million customers.

This is a phenomenal book that is the missing ingredient in so many business owners, especially Internet start-ups. You could take away all my customers, subscribers, and websites, but because of my network I could get it all back within days. 

What you teach in this book is literally worth millions in the hands of a serious practitioner.

Justin Brooke Founder of Adskills.com

I have known Patrick for nearly a decade, he is consistent and reliable. 

A great speaker, and great entrepreneur and has built consistently great networks on an amazing scale. 

Deri Llewellyn-Davies
BestSelling Author and adventurer

Patrick is an exceptional Entrepreneur you deserve to receive in your life and his new book will give you great insights on how to become the person you deserve to be”

Jeffery Combs

President and CEO of Golden Mastermind Seminars INC. 

“Patrick gives you a blueprint for change and a practical roadmap to chart your way out of the rat race and into a life of significance and success.

You’ll love his inspirational stories, his down to earth language and his ‘in-your-face’ approach to being a success in today’s hectic and relentless world!”

Rob Brown

Bestselling Author of “How to Build Your Reputation”

Patrick – Kudos to you my friend!  This book is the answer to one of the biggest problems in the network marketing industry today. 

You get right to the core to show people how to increase their results, retention and most importantly duplication!  

Everyone in the industry should get a copy of this book.  Read it. Devour it. Apply it. 

Dan Kuschell – Best-Selling Author


It was a pleasure collaborating with Patrick this year for a Uhubs workshop on “How to network like a pro”.  

The members really enjoyed Patrick’s unique experiences and generosity in sharing his tips and tricks learned over a number of years. 

They enjoyed his friendly and positive presentation style and clear answers to questions and openness.  Thanks! Looking forward to future collaborations 

Matt Milligan Co-founder Uhubs.co.uk

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