What Patrick M. Powers' Clients say

“Bringing in Patrick to improve our lead generation was one of the best decision as the results speaks for themselves.

He transformed our Facebook campaign from £1 per click to £0.19p per click. In a matter of weeks the number of leads increased from 2 per day to over 8 per day. Also our website hits flew from 40 per day to over 200 hits per day.

He knows what he is doing and can be trusted to always deliver on time. As a result of working with him, we have already saved thousands of pounds in marketing spend.”

Junior Ogunyemi 
Author entrepreneur

“I’m so glad i met Patrick . He was the missing link and he over-delivers. I now have ample leads and have already seen a return on my investment. 

I now have 32 paying clients and I’m being asked to speak at events.

Get Patrick in your corner and you will be where you want to be in a very short space of time.”

sales trainer paul atherton

Paul Atherton

Sales coach of the year 2014 

“Patrick Completely transformed the way we communicated to market.

Our message was too confusing and chaotic and he made us stop and think about the important aspects of our business and brought a lot of clarity.

Since we made the changes we have doubled the company twice in 2 years.”

Jonathan Hobday

Sales and marketing director

“Being a speaker has been frightening and exciting at the same time. Sharing my experiences and my heart in the hopes of leaving people empowered and free has been a huge focus of mine for the past several years. My purpose of transforming lives has pulled me and driven me to get past my fear of public speaking. 

What has made a huge impact is working with Patrick Powers. 
If you want to get over your fear, improve your skill, and effectively communicate your message to your audience, contact Patrick M. Powers. He is an outstanding coach, author, speaker, and friend. I’ve personally worked with him and he will support you getting down to the root of whatever has been holding you back leaving you empowered

Monica Liz Penrod

“With Pat’s secrets I launched my womens networking group to over 500 members with over 160 people registered for our very first event in just over 2 months on a ZERO budget.

On top of that in the same period I was interviewed on a live radio-show and by 2 newspapers.
I doubt you will find a better marketing expert in Europe than Patrick Powers and he is totally committed to your results.”

Svietlana Lavrentidi

“Patrick is an exceptional person with vast marketing knowledge. His friendly support and focused advice has been very helpful for our company. 

Patrick not only advises on what you should do, but demonstrates the effectiveness of his methods by doing it all himself. Thank you!”

Razvan Creanga 
On “Forbes 30 under 30” list

Patrick Powers is simply a marketing and business growth genius.

I hired him to set up a lead gen funnel and within one week I closed 2,800 with zero cost.
I have 2 more clients potentially closing based on the first weeks effort.

Not only that but this was just a small test so when we scale i expect to be fully booked in a month.

Michael Ringer 
Lion sales training


I was looking for a business coach and met Patrick at one of his entrepreneur events and liked him instantly. He was really helpful and in the 5 minute conversation we had, Patrick gave me so many valuable tips that I knew he really knew his stuff. 

I hired him as a business coach and have made huge progress on my coaching business since we started. Patrick helped me to refocus my business and on the back of this he helped me to revamp my website, rebrand my name, set up all my social media including a facebook page, create a database and inspired me to set up free tips. He also gave me great strategies on getting radio interviews, which I am pleased to say that I followed and have now done 9 global radio interviews and have another 6 scheduled.

I have worked with other coaches, and can say that the progress I made with Patrick has far exceeded what I have made with other coaches. He is always been ready to support me anytime, all throughout the process and has willingly shared everything he knows – and he really does know his stuff. I would more than happily recommend him to any-one.

Meera Shah

Prior to meeting Patrick, I didn’t how to run events. I did Patrick’s Meetup Made Easy 2 day workshop and it really made a difference in how I approached running meetup events and growing the group.

I was running the London Cleanweb meetup group with less than 300 members when I first got involved with the group. Within 3 years we grew our group to 1500 members with monthly events and minimal promotion.

Without his help, I wouldn’t have known how to create amazing experience for event attendees, crafting events copywriting and even how to write irresistible invites to speakers.

Patrick has a wealth of knowledge that can help you grow your business and he is a very generous person. If you are looking for help in marketing, growing a successful event series or just understanding how you can take your business to the next level, I highly recommend connecting with Patrick. 

Woon Tan
Podcasting Coach

After just ONE 30 minute call my marketing understanding and know-how went from almost nothing to feeling ready to take on the most
daunting of challenges!

Patrick’s style is simple, direct and easy. He speaks in a way that you
can understand, using language that is appropriate for your level of
marketing ability. His attention to you and what you are trying to achieve
not only educates but also elevates your marketing to a level that you didn’t think was possible before the call.

I would urge you to have a conversation with him if you are looking to take your marketing to the next level. 

Scott Mooney 
Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Thank you!!!! After just 10 minutes with you I already had implementable tools to improve my content AND I was already thinking about new content! Exciting content I KNOW my ideal client will love!

The rest of the training only continued to blow my mind. I see it everywhere now, and I’m practising in my writing, but also how I talk to people.

I’m learning to play and practice it and it’s so much fun! Thanks for making marketing fun! I can’t wait to learn more from you!

Clee Stacey

The first day I used Patrick system I closed £4000 worth of business.
He has simply transformed my life and business and we haven’t even implemented a third of the strategies we are going to in the next 3 months.

Before Patrick I tried so many things and taken so much different training but none of it worked.

Pat is simply a business genius and if you are looking to aggressively grow your business, he’s your guy.

James Porritt

The Greatness Coach


That was possibly one of the best value for money experiences of my life. Your understanding of marketing techniques and strategies and your ability to clearly and concisely explain them to your audience are second to none!

I especially enjoyed your breakdown of constructing the perfect offer and how to zero in on what specifically will grab the attention of the target audience. Seeing the expressions of people (of how the “penny dropped” for them) when you helped them rewrite their headlines was amazing… If I didn’t know better I would say it was magic! Thank you once again for your time and commitment to marketing, you even make it understandable for people like myself!! 

Andrew Turner
Chartered Accountant

“I’ve been in sales all my life and have regularly presented pitches to a room of maximum 5 people. I thought I knew what I was doing because I’ve been doing it for more than 15 years and experienced success, but boy was I wrong.

This training is essential for anyone who is presenting regularly. Patrick will show you how to REALLY engage your audience.
2 days after the training I used the skills in a presentation and got offered to join the board of trustees for a local charity when I was up against stronger candidates. “

Ash Balakrishnan 

It really does what it says on the tin – ‘transformation’.

Thank you Patrick for the great insights, the practical approach, content and especially your abundance of knowledge that you readily share! 

I especially grateful that I now have a few attention grabbing headlines

Lalita Gosai

Your “perfect pitch” training was extremely useful for me. It highlighted exactly what was missing from my pitch. 

The advice on how to stay in control of the conversation and wrap it up was equally helpful. I will be revising both my -in-person pitches as well as my written marketing from tomorrow and I’m greatly looking forward to the positive results.

Thanks for providing so much quality, implementable content in one evening and i look forward to reporting back some great results in the near future. 

Barbara Scalera

Literally 2 hours before i arrived at the events my web business went live and i become an entrepreneur for the very first time. 

The perfect pitch training was exactly what i needed. i learned a lot, yes, but more than that i came away with confidence and direction.

I got home and re-wrote my customer acquisition pitches… I emailed 10 potential customers… all of them have now registered on the site. 

I consider myself to be a confident and accomplished person but for some reason the skill of presenting eluded me. I would struggle to get my message connecting with an audience and would visibly sweat on stage (very embarrassing). 

I took classes and went on courses but all were very superficial and didn’t meet my needs. After working with Patrick within a few sessions my whole focus changed.

I felt more aligned with my message and was able to deliver my first presentation to over a hundred people with purpose and in a calm state (without sweating). Amazing results and Patrick is my go-to guy for presentation coaching.

Jermaine  Edwards 
Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author

“Views on my FB page went from 17 per week to about 1,000 per week with a few of Pat’s Secrets”

Daniel Colbert

After just 30 minutes with Pat I increased my optins by 609%”

Barbara Fernandez

This was the best “how to” training I’ve ever been to in my nine years with my company.

David Wieskamp


Patrick’s surname is Powers, this softly spoken gentleman is exactly this when it comes to Marketing. He is tremendously knowledgeable, experienced and passionate when it comes to the art of effectively communicating your business message and hooking your audience. 

Every time i talk to him goldnuggets fall out of his mouth. If you want to improve your marketing, image and increase your profits, he’s your go-to man!

Working with Patrick has dramatically improved my businesses and is difference between a make or break in my business, and yours too if you’re lucky enough to work with him! 

Entrepreneur, Speaker & Coach

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